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Conference Papers

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Jacob, L., Qiang, Q., & Pillai, R.R. (2002) MAC Protocol Enhancements and A Distributed Scheduler for QoS Guarantees over the IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs   
Zhou, L., Pillai, R.R. Biswas, J., & Hwa, E. (2002) A Bridging method for Mobile Ad hoc Networks   
Balakrishnan, P. (2001) Productivity growth in manufacturing: The state of the art and the fund of our knowledge.   
Balooni, K (2001) Emerging issues and policy implications in financing wastelands afforestation in India: Some insights from eight case studies.   
Balooni, K (2001) Forest and natural resources in India: A policy analysis.   
Bhatt, P.R. (2001) Exchange rate of rupee vis--vis major international currencies.   
Bhatt, P.R. (2001) India's Trade Competitiveness and Exchange Rate Policy.   
Bhatt, P.R. (2001) Corporate Portfolio Management.   
Bhatt, P.R. (2001) Corporate Strategy: Some Issues.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) Powerline Communication.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) IT Applications in Commerce.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) Internet and Societal Development.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) Business Transformation through IT.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) IT Enabled Supply Chain.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) TKM College of Engineering, Kollam.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) Business in a Mobile World Emergence: Workshop on IT.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) IT based Education.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) Convergence in Technolgy and Power Sector Opportunities   
Gopinath, S. (2001) Introduction to E-Business.   
Gopinath, S. (2001) WAP and Mobile Commerce: Technologies for Convergence.   

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