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Conference Papers

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Sreekumar, M.G. and Gangatharan, M. (2003) Marketing of Information products and Services   
Bhatt, P.R. (2003) Sustainable Growth and Resource Management   
Suresh, R.P. (2003) Order preserving properties of functions of order statistics.   
D Cruz, P. (2003) Doubly disadvantaged: Contextualising the experiences of seropositive caregiving wives   
Noronha, E. (2003) Dockers in the Docks: The case of Indian Dock Workers   
Noronha, E. (2003) Ethinicity in Mumbai Port Trust   
Panda, T. K. (2003) Branding financial services and mutual fund products in Indian market   
Sreekumar, M.G. (2003) Digital archival strategies for Library Consortia: The IIM Consortium Experience   
Sreekumar, M.G., & Raina, R.L. (2003) Electronic Resources for Indian Management Schools   
Suresh, R. P. (2003) Order preserving properties of functions of order statistics   
J. Maniyeri., Z. Zhang., Pillai, R.R., & Braun, P. (2003) A Linux Based Software Router Supporting QoS, Policy Based Control and Mobility   
Alex. R, and Gopinath, S. (2002) An optimal stock keeping policy for the on line stores.   
Balakrishnan, P. (2002) Impact of the Recession on the Economy.   
Balakrishnan, P. (2002) Economic Reforms and Food Security.   
Balooni, K (2002) Wealth from Waste.   
Balooni, K (2002) Teak Investment Programme: An Indian Perspective.   
Balooni, K., & Singh, K. (2002) Institutional financing of forestry programmes including afforestation of wastelands in India: some issues and options.   
Bhatt, P.R. (2002) IT development and internationalisation: A case study of Nokia.   
Bhatt, P.R. (2002) Rural Non-farm Employment in India.   
Cheng, P., Gopinath, S. and Krishnamurti (2002) An empirical examination of number of transactions, information and liquidity using high frequency data of NYSE stocks.   

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