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Conference Papers

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Sreekumar, M. G. (2006) Information Management Strategies for Sustainable National Development. WSIS Follow-up Conference on Access to Information and Knowledge for Development, Ethiopia   
Jayavelu, S. (2006) Organizational Identity and Identification in Virtual Organization. 22nd EGOS Colloquim - The Organizing Society   
Keyoor, P. & Nair, S. (2006) Diminishing Marginal Utility of the Next Attribute: Cognitive Complexity and Complex Decisions. Annual Meeting of the US Academy of Management   
Pillai, R. R. (2006) Analogy Between Network Computing and Inner Faculties of Human Being.   
Pillai, R. R. (2006) Developing Management Skills Through Spiritual Empowerment. Third AIMS International Conference on Management at IIM Ahmedabad   
Chakravarty, D. (2006) Commissioned paper for The International Seminar on Indias Development experiences jointly organized by Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, The Netherlands and Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS)   
Krishna Kumar (2006) International Conference on Management Education - An International Comparison at XIME, Bangalore   
Nair, U.K. (2006) Diminishing Management Utility of the Next Attribute Cognitive Complexity and Complex Decision   
Srivastava, S. (2006) Effectiveness in the Security-service Organization: Identifying Contributors and Consequences   
Nair, S. R. (2006) State-Level Fiscal Performanceand Fiscal Reforms in India   
Sunitha, T. & Sreekumar, M. G (2006) Community Acceptance of E-Journals as a Robust Print Surrogate and Scholarship Supplement: the IIMK Experience   
Swain, A. K. (2006) Performance Analysis of Self-Adaptive Evolutionary Computation Methods   
Swain, A. K. (2006) Tracking control of unconstrained multi-arm space manipulator systems   
Bhanja, U. & Swain, A. K. (2006) Shortest Path Routing of Multihop WDM Network using Genetic Algorithm   
Bhanja, U., Swain, A. K., & Panda, A. M. (2006) Shortestpath routing in Multihop Packet Switching Communication Network using Genetic algorithm   
Pillai, R.R. (2006) Role of Technology and Spirituality in the Management of Global Organizations   
Balakrishnan, P. (2005) Macro-economic policy and Economic Growth in India since 1980, NCAER, New Delhi   
Balooni, K. (2005) Participatory forest management as a core of new mode of forest governance in south and southeast asia: An overview and compartive analysis of institutional and policy charateristics XXII IUFRO world congress   
Balakrishnan, P. (2005) Indias software success. Annual Conference, Malaysian Institute for Economic Research, Kuala Lumpure   
Balooni, K. (2005) Privatization of forestland in south asia: A critique. International conference on Globalization at IIMK   

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