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Conference Papers

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Nair, S. R. (2008) Introduction of VAT and Retail Prices in India: Evidence from a Metropolitan City. Confernece on Globalisation and Economic Asymmetries - Challenges and Opportunities, Athenian Policy Forum and IIM Kozhikode   
Bhattacharya, J. (2008) The Oil-Dollar Standard. Conference on the Value of Money in Contemporary Capitalism, International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs), New Delhi   
Chatterjee, D. (2008) Management education in India: Some thoughts on industry-academia partnership. Conference on Professional Education in the Knowledge Economy, University School of Management Studies, Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University   
Thomas, J., Arora, A.P. & Shainesh, G. (2008) Effects of Customer Trust on Purchase Intentions: Examining Customer-Brand Relationship   
Sen, S. & Thomas, J. (2008) Environment, Business Strategy and Sustainable Competitive Advantage   
Thomas, J (2008) Managing Customer Relationship to Create Sustained Competitive Advantage: Connecting Theory with Practice   
Veettil, M.K., Ghobadian, A., Regan, N., & Gallear, D. (2008) Generic Strategies and Performance   
Balooni, K., Kalro, A. H. & Kamalamma, A.G., (2008) Future of Water Tunnels at Crossroads: A Case Study in South India   
Balooni, K., Pulhin, J. M. & Inoue, M., (2008) When is Decentralization in Forest Management a Success and When is it a Failure? Case studies from the Philippines   
Yamashita, U., Balooni, K. & Inoue, M., (2008) Emerging 'Authorized Neighborhood Associations' and Changing Communal (Iriai) Forest Ownership in Japan   
Rameshan, P. (2008) Theme Paper: WTO, India & Trade Strategy. WTO Research centre, IIMK   
Sridhar, G., Mishra, D., & Vaswani, L.K. (2008) Executives Representation of Rural Markets   
Kumar S.S.S. (2008) Is Bookbuilding An Efficient IPO Pricing Mechanism? - The Indian Evidence   
Rameshan, P. (2008) Optimum Quality as Strategy. IFSAM 9th World Management Conference, Fudan University, Shangai, China   
Gopinath, S. (2007) Risk based Sourcing Strategy for improving effectiveness of Humanitarian Supply Chains. XI Annual Conference of Society of Operations Management, SOM Nashik   
Gopinath, S. (2007) Non Dominant Player Supply Chains: Issues & Solutions. VIII International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management (ICOQM), INFORMS Bangkok   
Jeyavelu, S. (2007) Organizational Identity Dissonance in Organizational Decline and Turnaround. APROS 12 Conference: Challenges in Organizing and Managing in Rapidly Emerging Economies, Gurgaon   
Jeyavelu, S. (2007) Building a Case for Researching Organizational identity in Turnaround Organizations. Conference Proceedings. 21st ANZAM Conference 2007. Managing Our Intellectual and Social Capital, Sydney, Australia   
Jeyavelu, S. (2007) Narratives of Organizational Identity and Deregulation   
Nair, U. K. (2007) International Marketing Conference on Marketing & Society, IIM Kozhikode   

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