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Conference Papers

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Sreejaya, P. & Sreekumar, M.G. (2011) Achieving Interoperability among Digital Libraries   
Dasgupta, N., & Anand, G (2011) A Study on Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Elements in India Using Meta-Data Analysis   
Thangamani, G. (2011) Availability Analysis of a Lube Oil System Using Generalized Stochastic Petri Net   
Ramesh, A. & Bahinipati, B.K (2011) The Indian Apparel Industry: A Critical Review of Supply Chains   
Anand, G., Kodali, R., & Chimakurthy, B.M. (2011) Selection of a CNC Vertical Machine Centre for the Design of Flexible Manufacturing Systems - A Case Study   
Mazumdar, P., Mohapatra, A., Anand, G. & Bahinipati, B.K. (2011) Implementation barriers for achieving lean supply - A perspective fromthe original equipment manufacturer in India   
Adhikari, A. (2010) Unit Level Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice Model: A Hierarchical Bayes Approach with Multi-modal Priors. New Researcher Conference, Vancouver, Canada, July 27-30.    
Adhikari, A., & Gill, M.S. (2010) Modeling Cognitive and Affective Advertisement Content with a view to Optimise Purchase Intention of Customers. 2010 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Cologne, June 16-19.   
Bhatt, P.R. (2010) Is China Going to be a World Leader? 7th International Conference in Economic Theory and Policy, University of Basque Country, Spain, July 1-2.   
Adhikari,A., Raj, S. P, & Basu, A (2010) Pricing of Experience Products under Consumer Heterogeneity, Boston.   
Adhikari, A., & Rao, A.K. (2010) Eliciting Individual Preference and Bargaining Behavior in Family Buying Decision. , Calcutta   
Gangopadhyay, K., & Balooni, K. (2010) Urban environmental degradation in modern India: Culture and technology in perspective.    
Jharkharia, S. (2010) Analytic Network Process: A Decision-making Tool in Supply Chain Management.    
Krishnadas, N., & Pillai, R. R (2010) Designing a Grid Computing Architecture: A case study of Green Computing.   
Krishnadas, N., & PilIai, R. R. (2010) Sustainability in Green IT   
Bhaskaran, S. (2010) Return on investment in new technology: ICT adoption by small to medium scale enterprises.    
Nandakumar, M. K., Ghobadian, A., & Regan, O.N. (2010) Strategic Planning and Performance the moderating effect of environment.   
Dhurkari, R., & Nandakumar, M. K. (2010) Innovative Capability Assessment and Partner Selection for Innovation in Strategic Alliances.   
Sahadev S, Sudershan S & Purani K (2010) Competitive Psychological Climate, Work-Life Conflict, Role Conflict And Their Impact on Customer Orientation among Call C enter Employees   
Pillai, R. R. (2010) Excellence in Management Through Spiritual Empowerment and Value Based Actions.    

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