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Conference Papers

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Abdulla, M. S. (2012) MCS-like algorithms for efficient Mutual Exclusion in cloud and multi-core settings   
Abdulla, M. S. (2012) Reputation schemes among cloud-based e-commerce agents when using Multi-Criteria Decision Making for the case of overlapping assessments   
Amblee, N. & Bui, T. (2012) Value proposition and social proof in online deals: An exploratory study of groupon.com   
Venkatramaniah, S. (2012) Managing ramp-up in demand with workforce learning and product yield   
Upadhyayula, R. S., Karthik, D., & Karna, A. (2012) Connected with roots, or attracted to competition? Strategic drivers of emerging mnc location choices.    
Thangamani, G (2012) Technology selection framework using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) A case study   
Thangamani, G (2012) Improving new product development performance by applying TOC thinking process   
Tandon, A. (2012) Enterprise learning for social value creation: A research agenda for social enterprises   
Swain, A. K., & Shyam, A. V. (2012) A cognitive business intelligence system for scheduling   
Sushmita, A., & Pati, R. K. (2012) Reverse logistics in the Indian pharmaceutical industry: A case study.   
Sushmita, A., Pati, R. K., & Elias, A. (2012) Analysing reverse logistics in the Indian pharmaceuticals industry: A systems approach.   
Supriya, K. K. & Sebastian, M. P. (2012) E-governance readiness: Challenges for India.    
Shankar, D. K., & Anand, G. (2012) Application of a multi-criteria decision making approach in the design of a supply chain a case study   
Sethi, D. (2012) Bilingual Advertisements in India: Recommendations based on Literature Review.   
Raman, V. G. (2012) Social management and the challenge of governance in China   
Raman, V. G. (2012) Social governance in contemporary China.   
Raju, C. & Akamanchi, H. R. (2012) Selection of ChSP-4(c1, c2) for given AQL and LQL.   
Raju, C. & Raghottam, H. A. (2012) On dodge-romig double sampling inspection tabeles under lot quality protection.   
Raj, S.A., Vimal, K.E.K., Shama, M.S., Vinodh, S., Anand, G. & Chowdiah, M.P (2012) A mathematical model to evaluate the workforce role in an agile environment.   
Paul, A., Yadamsuren, B., & Erdelez, S. (2012) An experience with measuring multi-user online task performance.    

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