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Conference Papers

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Raman, V.G (2013) Mortaring Institutional Gaps and Inadequacies: Can BRICS Make a Difference in Global Governance?, International Conference, BRICS Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, July 5 -7   
Raman, V. G (2013) Cultural Determinants of Chinese Negotiations Behaviour, Engaging China: What when and How,Kolkata, Chennai & Mumbai, India, August 26-29.   
Raman, V. G (2013) Governance and Politics in China: State of the Field. Reforms, Management and Social Transformation in China, Sixth All India Conference of China Studies, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India, December 12-14   
Sethi, D. (2013) Business etiquette in China, 6th All India Conference of China Studies, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India, December 12-14. An analysis based on literature review    
Abdulla, M. S. (2013) Managerial Applications of Machine Learning: A Case of Direct Marketing, l " lIMB Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, Bangalore, India, December 11- 13.    
Purani, K., & Sahadev, S. (2012) Exploring the role of Technology Readiness in Developing Trust and Loyalty for E-services.   
Kumar, D., Purani, K., & Sahadev, S. (2012) Appraising Visual Servicescape Aesthetics: An Environmental Psychology Approach.   
Purani, K. (2012) Antecedents of Home and Foreign Product Country Images in Developed and Developing Countries: A Comparative Study.   
Bhave, M.P. (2012) Fostering Innovations for a Sustainable Future   
Bhave, M.P. (2012) Entrepreneurship as Art and Execution: Opportunity projected at the Core of Two Intersecting Value Creation Loops   
Dhayanithy, D., & Gopinath, S. (2012) Creating an Uncontested Market Space? The case of Vibram Five Fingers   
Gopinath, S. (2012) Social Entrepreneurship, value Innovation and TRIZ International    
Pillai, R. R. (2012) Holistic managerial decision making based on the ancient wisdom   
Pillai, R. R. & Supriya, K. K. (2012) Systems thinking approach for Transforming Management Education   
Raju, C., & Raghottam,A. H. (2012) On Dodge-Romig Double Sampling Inspection Tables under Lot Quality Protection   
Raju, C., & Raghottam,A. H. (2012) Selection of ChSP-4(c1, c2) for given AQL and LQL   
Sett, R. K. (2012) Design your Bundle: Choose your Weapon   
Thangamani, G. (2012) Technology Selection Framework using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) A Case Study   
Thangamani, G. (2012) Improving New Product Development Performance by applying TOC thinking Process   
Upadhyayula, R. S., Karthik, D., & Karna, A. (2012) Connected with Roots, or Attracted to Competition? Strategic Drivers of Emerging MNC Location Choices   

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