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Conference Papers

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Sahasranamam, S (2013) Conceptual business model framework for nascent social entrepreneurs in transitional economies, 6th All India Conference of China Studies (AICCS), IlM Kozhikode, India, December 12-14.    
Sabasranamam, S. & Khairnar, S (2013) Self-sustainable electricity model for academic institutions using solar energy, IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, South-Asia Satellite (GHTC-SAS), IEEE, Trivandrum, India, August 23-24.    
Althaf, P. K. J., Sahasranamam, S. & James, J. (2013) Personal identification by ID tagging - A disaster management tool, IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R I O-HTC), IEEE Region 10, Sendai, Japan, August 26-29   
Upadhyayula, R. S. (2013) Internationalization and Perfomance of Emerging Multinationals: The role of clustering and certification, Academy ofInternational Business, Istanbul, Turkey, July 3-6    
Upadhyayula, R. S. (2013) What drives emerging multinationals? Internationalization and performance drivers of Indian IT firms, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Lake Bueno Vista, Orlando, USA, August 9-13.    
U padhyayula, R. S. (2013) What drives emerging multinationals? Internationalization and performance drivers of Indian IT firms, First Pan 11M World Management Conference, Goa, India, May 30-June I.    
Upadhyayula, R. S., (2013) Drivers of Internationalization of Emerging Multinationals: A Study of Indian IT firms, Strategic Management Society Special Conference, Mohali, December 16- 18.   
Guhathakurta, K. (2013) Investigating the nonlinear dynamics of emerging and developed stock markets, The 2nd International Conference on Econophysics, Kavala, Greece, September 13-14.    
Guhathakurta, K. (2013) Using Recurrence Analysis to identify bubbles and endogenous crashes, India Finance Conference, IIM-A, IIM-B and IIM-C, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India, December 18-20.    
Gubathakurta, K., Panigrahi, S. & Gawande, S. (2013) Comparing nonlinear dynamics of emerging and developed stock markets using Empirical Mode Decomposition, 3m lIMA Conference on Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Intelligence, Indian Institute of Management   
Kuntluru, S (2013) A Comparative study of Capital Markets Reforms in India and China,Proceedings of Sixth All India Conference on China Studies, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India, December 12- 14.    
Kuntluru, S. (2013) Financial Performance of Family and Non-Family Owned Companies in India,3rd India Finance Conference by lIMA, lIMB and lIMC, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India, December 18-20.    
Ladha, R. (2013) Accreditation as a Signal of Credible Commitment,Second National Conference of the Health Economics Association of India, SRM University, Chennai, India, May 29-31.    
Ladha, R. (2013) Merger of Public Sector Banks Under the Rule of Reason, Union Bank Conference on Emerging Issues in Banking and Finance, Great Lakes Institute of Management, September 3.    
Nair, A. S., & Gopinath, S. (2013) ULCCS & Challenges for New Era: A case for Diversification, International Conference on Co- operatives in transition in the Era of Globalization, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India, September 19-20.    
Thomas, S (2013) Interdependence and Dynamic Interactions among Fundamental Factors and Stock Prices, Conference on Financial Econometrics C Group (FEG), School of Accounting, Economics and Finance and Economic Systems Journal, Deakin U   
Das, A (2013) The Power of image-enabled Conversations on Facebook: An Organizational Perspective., 13th International Pragmatics Conference (IPRA), New Delhi, India.    
Mathew, A. F. (2013) Cinema, Photography and Social Media, British High Commission Humanitarian Disasters, Human Rights Violations and Social Media, Calcutta Research Group, India. December 11-14.    
Raman, V. G (2013) India and China Trade Relati- ons: Overcoming Trust Deficit to Address Trade Deficit,ndian Council of Social Science Research and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Conference, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing   
Raman, V. G (2013) overnance and Social Transformation in China. State- Society Relations in China: Lessons from and From China, The Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS), Fudan University, Shanghai, China, June 29-30.    

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