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Conference Papers

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Jauhari, H., Kumar, M., & Singh. S. (2014) Employee Brand Building Behaviour: Scale Development & Validation in B2B Services Context.    
Nair, U.K., & Chatterjee, D. (2014) Documenting Organizational Culture: Not Just a Bottom- Up or Top-Down Account.    
Dhayanithy, D. (2014) Avoiding Relegation - Diversity, Selectivity, Experience or Methodology?, Association of International Business (ArB) Annual Conference 2013, Istanbul, Turkey. July 3-6.   
Kalagnanam. S., Rajeev, P.N., & Mitra, S. (2014) Graamsudhaar: Implication of Companies Act 2013 Section 135 for NGOs,    
Rastogi, A., & Pati, S.P. (2014) Towards a conceptualization of Karma Yoga,    
Rastogi, A., Pati, S.P. & Kumar, P. (2014) Development of an instrument of Karma Yoga.    
Mukundhan, K.V. (2014) Railroads and the Genesis of Management Thought: A Comparison between the early American and the British-Indian Contexts, 741h Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Philadelphia, USA. August 1-5,2014.    
Sinha A. S., Bhave M.P., & Sahasranamam S. (2014) Closed loop model for sustainable corporate social responsibility.    
Tandon, A., & Nair, U.K. (2014) Learning about learning routines: Insights from the Indian social enterprise sector.    
VenugopaI, A., & Krishnan, T. N. (2014) Exploring new possibilities and exploiting old certainties of knowledge: A proposal for an empirical study.    
Venugopal, A., & Krishnan, T. N. (2014) Top Management Teams. The ones of who build an ambidextrous firm.    
Chowdhury, S. (2014) Non parametric CUSUM Control Chart-An Application to Exchange Rates Data.    
Chowdhury, S., & Maiti, S.S. (2014) Bayesian Estimation of Traffic Intensity in an M/Eril Queueing Model.    
Chowdury, S. (2014) Estimation of Parameters in Queuing Models Using waiting time data.    
Chatterjee, A.K., & Mateen, A. (2014) Exploring the impact of service fee in vendor managed inventory systems with price dependent demand.    
John, L., & Thangamani, G. (2014) A systems approach to coordination in humanitarian supply chain.    
John, L., & Thangamani. G. (2014) Humanitarian Supply Chain management: Recent Trends and Future Direction.    
Gangopadhyay, K (2014) Econphysics and data driven modelling of market dynamics, Econphys-Kolkata VIII An International conference on Econphysics, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata India March 14-15   
Mahato, K., Pratap, S., Gupta, A. & Mateen, A. (2014) Role of socio-cultural factors in project based services: Learnings from a failed service offering.    
Narayana, S., & Pati, R.K. (2014) Improving Sustainability in the Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry through Reverse Logistics: A Conceptual Study.    

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