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Conference Papers

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Thomas, J., Biswarup, S & Chandrasekhar, S. (2014) Chennai Super Kings Ltd., Growing a Global Sports Brand Presentation, Society for Case Research, MBAA Conference, Chicago, US, March 26-28.    
Paul, A. (2014) The Changing Role of Indian Women in the Information Age.    
Paul, A. (2014) Use ofTCT in the everyday lives of Indian women: A normative behaviour perspective.    
8alaji, S., & Gopalakrishnan, N. (2014) Benchmarking education objectives of private schools: An empirical examination of vision and mission statements, HR Summit 2014. Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode Kochi Campus, India, March 14-16.    
Pillai, R. R., Kumar, G.A., & Krishnadas, N. (2014) Role of self managing leadership in crisis management: An empirical study on the effectiveness of Rajayoga.    
Rekha, A.G & Abdulla, M.S. (2014) Corporate Bankruptcy Prediction Using Qualitative Data And Support Vector Based Approaches.    
Rekha, A.G & Abdulla, M.S. (2014) Harnessing the power of Big Data with Machine Learning for Business Decision Support.    
Pati, S. P. (2014) Development of three item Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES-3)., 5th Asia Pacific Business Research Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 17-18.    
Rajeev, P. N. (2014) Using techniques from Improve to enhance the learning process, HR Summit 2014, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode Kochi Campus, India, March 14-16.    
Supriya, K.K., & Sebastian, M.P. (2014) ICT for Education in India: Challenges and Readiness.    
Supriya, K K., & Narayanamurthy, G. (2014) Organization Vision - Experimentation on its Effective Communication.    
Venugopal, A & Rekha,A. G (2014) An empirical study on comparing and contrasting the real and product related communities, International conference on social media for business, IIM Raipur, India, January 10- 1 l.    
Venugopal, A & Krishnan, T. N (2014) When they choose to marry across borders: A study of the HRM Challenges and overriding strategies in cross borderM&A, AIB India-MENA Chapter Conference, IIM Udaipur, India, February 9-11.    
Supriya, K. K., & Sebastian, M.P. (2014) Towards a Model for User Technology Readiness in ICT4D Initiatives.   
Venugopal, A & Rekha,A. G (2014) Gulliver comes to Lilliput: Strategies used by MNEs to enter Emerging markets and strategies used by local firms to survive along A- literature classification, AIB India-MENA Chapter C Conference, IIM Udaipur, India, Febr   
Venugopal, A & Krishnan, T. N (2014) In absentia paper -Review of Firm outcome measures with special reference to firm outcome measures of Organizational Ambidexterity, Global conference on managing in recovering markets, MOl Gurgaon, March 5-7.    
Villari, B. C., & Abdulla, M.S. (2014) Bandit Algorithms for Contextual Advertising: An Evaluation of SOFTMIX algorithm over the benchmark Yahoo! FrontPage Today Dataset.    
Adhikari, A. (2014) Pay What you Think Fair.   
Mathew, S. & Joseph, J. (2014) Puffery in Advertisements: Effect of Celebrity Endorsements and Consumer Product Category Knowledge.    
Krishnan, O. & Anita, T.A. (2014) Marketing Barrier Free Tourism in India: Destination Branding for the Disabled.    

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