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Conference Papers

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Mitra, S., Parikh, M., & Suresh, K. (2015) Organizational Growth and Balancing Contradictory Goals: Case Study of Jaipur Rugs.   
Mitra, S., Suresh, K., & Parikh, M. (2015) Jaipur Rugs: A Management Control Journey.    
Sahasranamam,S., Purkayastha, S., & Lahiri, S. (2015) The influence of institutional development on R&D investment, internationalization and performance of emerging market firms    
Rentala, S., & Sahasranamam, S. (2015) Twenty years after TRIPs: A transitory and post-TRIPs impact of technology resources on export performance of Indian pharmaceutical industry    
Subramanian, S. (2015) Corporate Governance, Accounting and Audit: Crisis Challenges, Proxy Advisory Industry in India.    
Upadhyayula, R.S., Karthik, D., & Basant, R. (2015) Strategic Paths of Born Globals: A Study of Indian IT firms    
Gangopadhyay, K. (2014) Does rise in rapes represent an augment in crime or simply more gender- neutral occupational choice?    
Nair, S. R. (2014) Tax competition and "Race to the bottom" in tax rates: Evidence from India.    
Sarkar, S., & Sensarma, R. (2014) The relationship between competition and risk taking behaviour of Indian Banks.    
Sensarma, R. & Kumar, N. (2014) Efficiency of micro finance institutions in India: A stochastic distance function approach.   
Paul, A. (2014) The changing role of Indian women in the information age, 121h International Interdisciplinary Conference on Women 2014: Gender in a Changing World. Hyderabad, August 17-22.    
Vidhya, P.S., Mitra, S., & Sensarma. R. (2014) Foreign Ownership and Corporate Governance Characteristics in Indian IT Firms.    
Paul,A. (2014) Use of ICT in the everyday lives ofIndian women: a normative behaviour perspective, The Information Behaviour Conference, University of Leeds, United Kingdom, September 2-5.    
Baag, P. K. (2014) Asset con-elation and probability of default relation in loan portfolio in Indian banks.    
Baag, P. K. (2014) Owners Contribution and Resubmitted Approved Loan Proposal in the Indian banks at the loan inception stage.    
Paul, A., & Erdelez, S. (2014) Implementation and Use of Web Analytics for Academic Library Websites,World Digital Libraries.   
Pillai, R. R. (2014) Sustaining the Environmental Systems through Sustaining the Spirit: A Case Study on Rajayoga, International Conference on Research and Sustainable Business (ICRSB 14), IlT Roorkee, India, March 8-9.    
Baag, P. K. & Kandpal, V. (2014) Role of the Indian regulators Conference and Government in expanding financial access to the poor with in a broad framework of policies & principles of financial inclusion.    
Kuntluru, S. & Kumar, P. S. (2014) A longitudinal study ofNSE Auto Industry: DEA Approach.   
Kuntluru, S. & Kumar. P.S. (2014) A two-stage DEA model to evaluate the financial performance of manufacturing companies.    

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