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Conference Papers

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Ramkumar, P. N., & Maniamkot, A. J. (2015) On the Usage of Ant Colony Algorithms for Solving Convoy Movement Problem.    
Mateen, A., Ranjan, N., Saha, B., Pratap, S., Gupta, A., & Chakraborty, M. (2015) Seeds of discontent: Briding the gap between potato research and potato farming.    
Mateen, A., & Chatterjee, A. K. (2015) VMI in Single-Vendor Multiple- Retailer Supply Chains with Advertising and Sales Effort.    
Mateen, A., Biswas, T., & Adhikari, A. (2015) A Coordination Strategy for a Socially Responsible Supply Chain.    
Narayanamuthy, G., Shah, R., & Anand,G. (2015) Are penalties sticky in the long term? An empirical investigation in the CS Nursing Homes.    
Elshorbagy, S., Garg, L., Gupta, V., Narayanamuthy, G., & Oraini, Y. (2015) The Impact of Information Systems on Management Performance in the Pharma- ceutical Industry.    
Anand, G. (2015) Critical failure factors in implementing ERP- Relationships, priorities and framework.    
Narayanamurthy, G., & Anand,G. (2015) Lean Implementation in Educational Institute - A Study Based on Action Research Methodology.    
Narayanamurthy, G., Shah, R., & Anand, G. (2015) The Role of Capacity Utilization on the relationship between Quality and Clinical Performance in the US Nursing Homes.    
Narayanamurthy, G., Shah, R., & Anand, G. (2015) Impact of Inspection Outcomes on Nursing Home Care Quality - Role of Ownership and Affiliation.    
Schaefers, T., Moser, R., & Narayanamurthy,G. (2015) Risk Reduction at the Base of the Pyramid: The Role of Access- Based Services.    
Raju, C., & Raghottam, A.H. (2015) Minimum ATI (Average Total Inspection) Chain Sampling Plan - ChSP-4A (c l, c2) r    
Pati, R. K., Rajeev, A., & Padhi, S.S. (2015) Sustainable and Green Supply Chain Management: Literature Review.    
Roy, S. (2015) Bayesian Accelerated Life Test Plans for Series Systems under Competing Weibull Causes of Failure.    
Roy, S. (2015) Accelerated Life Testing of Two-component Series Systems with Dependent Causes of Failure.    
Roy, S. (2015) Inference and Optimum Life Testing Plans for Lognormal Distribution under Progressive Type- I Interval Censoring.    
Thangamani, G., & John, L. (2015) A new classification schema for disaster    
John, L. (2015) Supply Chain Operations Reference model for Performance measurement in humanitarian supply chain    
Balasubrahmanyam, S. (2015) Reverse Engineering and Firm Performance - Evidential Support from Businesses across Industries.    
Mitra, S., & Hota, P. K. (2015) Stakeholders role in enterprise formation and development process: The case of Om Sikhyanusthan.    

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