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Conference Papers

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Krishnan, S. (2015) Payoffs of Technostress Creators: Evidence from Working Professionals    
Paul, A., Thompson, K., & Heinstrom, J. (2015) Exploring Barriers to ICT Use by Middle Class Indian Women.    
Pillai, R. R., & Iayaprakash, P. (2015) Green ICT Process Management Maturity of In- dian Organisations    
Pillai, R. R., & Jayaprakash, P. (2015) Assessing Green IT Readiness: Experience from an Indian ICT Organization    
Pillai, R. R., & Jayaprakash, P. (2015) Sustainable ICT Practices and CSR: An Analysis of Indian Scenario    
Pillai, R. R. (2015) The Complementary Role of Science & Spirituality For a New World Order - The Golden Age    
Adhikari, A., & Chakrabarthy, R. (2015) Effect of Gender ofthe Co-Buyer on Attention Arousal, Shopping Atten- tiveness & Outcome Apprehension.    
Amblee, N. C. (2015) A conceptual framework on the role of online word-of-mouth on opinion formation and decision making.    
Amblee, N. C. (2015) An in-depth analysis of the website preferences of online users in India.    
Lyngdoh, T., & Sridhar, G. (2015) Asia Cleanest Village- Mawlynnong    
Iayasankar, R., & Purani, K. (2015) Attitude to Corporate Brand: Conceptualizing Spill over Effects across Various Markets.    
Sridhar, G., Lyngdoh, T., & Narayanamurthy, G. (2015) Tea that Transforms Lives: A Case of Mawlyngofs Tea Growers Cooperative Society.    
Azeez, N. (2015) How do I share knowledge?: Factors influencing an individuals choice of knowledge sharing mode    
Jacob, M. (2015) Envy in Workplace: An Empirical Examination of Perceptions and Performance of Envious Employees    
Venugopal, A., & Krishnan, T. N. (2015) Management of contradictory innovation choices in small firms    
Venugopal, A., & Krishnan, T. N. (2015) Exploring the effect of the top management team processes on the financial and ambidextrous performance of new technology firms in India    
Tandon, A., & Nair, U. K. (2015) Organizational Learning in Social Enterprises: Navigating Implicit and Dynamic Boundaries    
Tandon, A., & Nair, U. K. (2015) Enactment of knowledge brokering: Agents, roles, processes and the impact of immersion    
Chowdhury, S. (2015) On A New Lifetime Distribution.    
Chowdhury, S. (2015) Stochastic comparisons of parallel systems with exponentiated Weibull components.    

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