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Conference Papers

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Baag, P.K. & Kandpal, V. (2015) A study of extent of Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas of North India.   
Kumar, S.S.S. (2015) Institutional Investors and the Stock Market Behaviour - Evidence from India.    
Kuntluru, S. & Shette, R. (2015) Comparative study of accounting for provisions and contingent liabilities under IFRS and IGAAP.    
Sahasranamam, S., & Raman, V.G. (2015) Individual Level Resource and entrepreneurial Entry in China: The Effect of Property Rights.    
Abdulla M. S., & Bhatnagar, S. (2015) A Transitions-only algorithm for Compact Action Set Markov Decision Processes.    
Abdulla M. S., & Bhatnagar, S. (2015) Stochastic Multi-Armed Bandit algorithms based on Simulated Annealing.   
Dhurkari, R.K. & Swain, A.K. (2015) An Experiment on the Effectiveness of AHP for Informed Decision Making.    
Joshua, R., & Pillai, R.R. (2015) Sustained organizational effectiveness and information systems: A longitudinal study.    
Krishnadas, N., & Pillai, R.R. (2015) Sustainabilityof environmental programs: A green IT perspective.    
Krishnan, S. (2015) Antecedents of Virtual Social Networks Diffusion: An Empirical Investigation.    
Krishnan, S. (2015) Determinants of Electronic Government Maturity: A Cross-National Analysis.    
Paul, A. (2015) ICT use by Indian Women: Exploring patterns of adoption and use.    
PiIIai, R. R. (2015) Developing ethical behaviour through transformation of consciousness.   
Pillai, R.R. (2015) System thinking and sustainability through spirituality: A case study on Rajyoga.    
Rekha, A.G., Abdulla, M.S. & Asharaf, S. (2015) Driving Business Analytics through Machine Learning and Big Data.    
Rekha, A.G., Abdulla, M.S. & Asharaf, S. (2015) A Novel Lightly Trained Support Vector Data Description for Novelty Detection.    
Shyam,A. V., & Swain,A. K. (2015) An investment strategy to beat the nifty index retums: A cognitive B1 approach.    
Shyam.A. V., & Swain, A. K (2015) Cognitive Business Intelligence System for Surgery Scheduling.    
Villari, B. C. (2015) Critical success factors for ERP implementation: A Classification.    
Lahiri. S., Kumar, K., & Thomas, J. (2015) Go to market strategies for emerging business opportunities in E- tailing industry.    

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