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Conference Papers

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Roy, S. (2017) Bayesian c-optimal progressive type-I interval censoring schemes for Weibull system lifetimes, XXI Annual International Conference of Society of Operations Management, Ahmedabad, India Dec 22-23   
Mateen, A., & Srivastava, A. (2017) Supplier Development and Learning Spillover in Triadic Setting   
Mateen, A., Sharma, D., Pratap, S., & Gupta, A. (2017) Avoiding competence trap: A micro-foundational analysis of capability development in a network   
Eapen, L.M.& Nair, S.R. (2017) Goods and Services Tax and Price Control Measures: Lessons for India from Australian Experience, 73rd Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, Tokyo, Japan, August 18-20   
Pandey, J. & Gupta, M. (2017) Religious Coping of Widows: Narratives from Vrindavan, India, Biennial Indian Academy of Management Conference, Indore, Dec 17-20   
Pandey, J. & Sohani, S.S. (2017) Leakage in Labor Pipeline of Women IT Employees in India., PAN IIM Conference, IIM Lucknow, Dec 14-16   
Padhi, S.S., Rajeev,A., & Pati,R.K. (2016) A systematic review of sustainability research in chemical supply chain   
Roy, S., & Pradhan, B. (2016) Bayesian D-optimal Progressive Type-I Interval Censoring Schemes   
Dey, S. (2016) Inflation Hedging in India    
Gangopadhyay, K. & Mondal, D. (2016) Intellectual Property Rights and Income Inequality: A Cross-Country Analysis    
Nair, S. R. & Pushpangadan, K. (2016) Tax Revenue Capacity and Tax Effort of Kerala: Analysis during Pre- and Post-Period of ZAccelerated Economic Growth    
Lukose, J.P. J., & Sekhar, S. C (2016) The Decision to Go Public: Does Business Group Affiliation Matter?    
Ramprasath, L. (2016) Role of stylized features in constructing estimators for regime switching models    
Sethi, D. (2016) Nonverbal Communication in Doctor- Patient Interaction: Does it really matter? - A Case of India    
Pillai, R. R., & Jayaprakash, P. (2016) An Integrated Model For E- Waste Management In India Using Systems Thinking    
Pillai, R. R. (2016) Is the Gita Episode of Mahabharata Being Repeated to Re-Establish a Righteous Society? Practical Evidence of Self Transformation Based on the Divine Versions    
Pillai, R. R. (2016) Integrating Science and Spirituality for Sustainable Development: A Case Study on Renewable Energy Systems    
Sebastian, M. P., & Kumar, P. (2016) Understanding Digital Innovation in the Context of Developing Economy    
Sebastian, M. P., & Kumar, P (2016) Role of Information Systems/ Technology in the success and failure of Post - Merger Integration    
Lyngdoh, T., & Sridhar, G. (2016) Promoting Stewardship Behaviour among Salesperson: A Relationship Marketing Perspective    

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