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Conference Papers

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Krishnan, TN., Scullion, H., & Augustyn, M.M. (2018) Talent Management in Small and Medium Enterprises : A Review and Research Agenda, 15th International Human Resource Management Conference, June 13 - 15   
Chowdhury, S. (2018) Stochastic comparisons on sample extremes of dependent and heterogeneous observations, International Conference on New Paradigms in Statistics and Industrial Research, Kolkata, India, January 4-6   
Rajeev A., Pati, R.K., & Padhi, S.S. (2018) Analysis of Triple Bottom Line Performance in Indian Fertilizer Supply Chain: A System Dynamics Approach, POMS 2018 Annual conference, Houston, U.S.A, May 4-7   
Chaurasia, S., Pati, R. K., & Padhi, S. S. (2018) Nutraceutical Industry: A New Path to attain Sustainable Development Goals of 2030, 2nd EWG Conference on Sustainable Supply Chains: Sustainable Supply Chains and the Circular Economy, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 6-7   
Parvathi, J. & Pillai, R. R. (2018) Exploring the contextual factors of ICT for sustainable development, MR Doctoral Colloquium, IIM Bangalore, Jan 3-4   
Roy, S. (2017) Bayesian c-optimal progressive type-I interval censoring schemes for Weibull system lifetimes, XXI Annual International Conference of Society of Operations Management, Ahmedabad, India Dec 22-23   
Deva Prasad, M. (2017) Corporate Accountability in International Law: Emerging Concerns, ASIL 6th Biennial Conference (Junior Scholar Session)   
Rajeev, P.N. (2017) Beneficiary contributions to the micro-foundations of the social organizations for mitigating inequality: Insights from Kudumbashree, Kerala, European Group for Organizational Studies, Copenhagen, July   
Rajeeev, P.N. & Joy, S. (2017) It is only women to it is women: A legitimacy process model for reducing inequality, Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Atlanta, USA, August   
Rastogi, A., Pati, S. P., Krishnan, TN. & Krishnan, S. (2017) Disengagement at work: A conservation of resources perspective, Academy of Management, Atlanta, US, August   
Paul, A., Scullion, H., & Krishnan, TN (2017) Career progression of women in the Indian IT Sector: Matching talent management practices and employee perspectives, 6th Workshop on talent management, Barcelona, Spain, October 2-3   
Narayanamurthy, G., Anand, G. & Subramanian, N (2017) Is the hospital ready to rollout lean implementation? A methodology for assessing the organizational readiness, nternational conference of the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) - Navigating the Future: Innov   
John, L. & Anand, G. (2017) Locating a warehouse in humanitarian supply chain - A principal component analysis, 11th International Conference of the Indian Subcontinent Decision Sciences Institute, Tamil Nadu, India, December 28-30   
Mittal, S., & Anand, G. (2017) Implementing lean in a restaurant: A feasibility study, 11th International Conference of the Indian Subcontinent Decision Sciences Institute, Tamil Nadu, India, December 28-30   
Chowdhury, S. (2017) Stochastic Orders in Reliability, International Indian Statistical Association (IISA) 2017 International Conference on Statistics, Hyderabad, India, December 28-30   
Chowdhury, S. (2017) Distribution-free CUSUM Control Chart – An Application to Exchange Rates Data, International Conference on Advancing Frontiers in Operational Research: Towards a Sustainable World, December 21 – 23.   
Pillai, R. R., Mohapatra, S., Verma, P., & Sethi, D. (2017) Digital India based on Seva and Swaraj: Sustaining digitalization for good-governance, 5th PAN IIM WMC, IIM Lucknow, Dec. 14-16.    
Pillai, R. R., Khan, A., & Mahapatra, M. (2017) Policy Implications on Digital Divide in India: An Analysis Using Systems Thinking, 5th PAN IIM WMC, IIM Lucknow, Dec. 14-16.   
Pillai, R. R. & Parvathi, J. (2017) ndia Post Payments Bank: A Case of ICT for Sustainable Development, 5th PAN IIM WMC, IIM Lucknow, Dec. 14-16.   
Mateen, A., & Srivastava, A. (2017) Supplier Development and Learning Spillover in Triadic Setting   

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