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Nair, S. R., & Eapen, L.M (2015) Agrarian Performance and Food Price Inflation in India Pre- and Post-Economic Liberalisation  Economic & Political Weekly, Vol.50 Issue.31 pp.49-60
Komera, S. & Lukose, J. P. J (2015) Capital structure choice, information asymmetry, and debt capacity: evidence from India  Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol.39 Issue.4 pp.807-823
Shette, R., Kuntluru, S., & Achalapathi, K.V (2015) Applying Benford's Law to Examine the Quality of Reported Income Numbers of Unlisted Firms  International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol.7 Issue.12 pp.211-218
Das, A., & Herring S. C (2015) Greetings and interpersonal closeness: The case of Bengalis on Orkut  Language & Communication, Vol.47  pp.53-65
R. R. Pillai, Kumar, A., & Krishnadas, N (2015) Role of Self-managing Leadership in Crisis Management: An Empirical Study on the Effectiveness of Rajayoga  IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review, Vol.4 Issue.1 pp.15-37
Jin, Z., Lynch, R., Attia, S., Chansarkar, B., Gulsoy, T., Lapoule, P., Liu, X., Newburry, W., Nooraini, M.S., Parente, R., Purani, K., & Ungere, M (2015) The relationship between Consumer Ethnocentrism, Cosmopolitanism and Product Country Image amongst younger generation consumers: the moderating role of country development status  International Business Review, Vol.24 Issue.3 pp.380-393
Amblee, N.C (2015) The impact of cleanliness on customer perceptions of security in hostels: A WOM-based approach  International Journal of Hospitality Management, Vol.49  pp.37-39
Ramanathan, J., & Velayudhan, S. K (2015) Consumer evaluation of brand extensions: Comparing goods to goods brand extensions with goods to services  Journal of Brand Management, Vol.22 Issue.9 pp.778-801
Chatterjee, D., & Sankaran, B (2015) Commercializing academic research in emerging economies: Do organizational identities matter?  Science and Public Policy, Vol.42 Issue.5 pp.599-613
Dhal, M (2015) HR Practices & Union Management Relationship  Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.50 Issue.4 pp.652-666
Chatterjee, D., Krishnan, T. N., & Tandon, A (2015) Sustaining a social enterprise: Palash eye hospital  Asian Case Research Journal, Vol.19 Issue.2 pp.231-258
Narayanamurthy, G., & Anand, G (2015) A case study on downstream supply chain of an Indian alcoholic beverage manufacturer: Some insights for the global business  Journal of Indian Business Research, Vol.7 Issue.2 pp.161-195
Chatterjee, A.K., Mateen, A., & Chakraborty, A (2015) On the equivalence of some supply chain coordination models  Opsearch, Vol.52 Issue.2 pp.392-400
Purkayastha, S. (2015) A comment on the extension of the OLl framework to emerging economies.   Global Business Review.   
Mateen, A., & Chatterjee, A.K (2015) Vendor managed inventory for single-vendor multi-retailer supply chains  Decision Support Systems, Vol.70  pp.31-41
Gopinath, S., & Padalkar, M (2015) Do Indian management practices drive global research agenda? An exploratory analysis of contemporary management literature  Journal of Indian Business Research, Vol.7 Issue.2 pp.108-139
Basu, P., Chowdhury, S., & Alam, P. A (2015) A model-based approach of flexibility and its impact on organization and employee welfare in lean environment  Decision, Vol.42 Issue.3 pp.269-277
Padhi, S. S., Theogrosse-Ruyken, P., & Das, D (2015) Strategic Revenue Management under Uncertainty: A Case Study on Real Estate Projects in India  Journal of Multi‐Criteria Decision Analysis, Vol.22 Issue.3-4 pp.213-229
Mukhopadhyay, C., & Roy, S. (2015) Bayesian accelerated life testing under competing log-location-scale family of causes of failure  Computational Statistics, Vol.31 Issue.1 pp.89-119
Roy, S., & Mukhopadhyay, C (2015) Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Multi-Stress ALT Data of Series Systems with Competing Log-Normal Causes of Failure  Journal of Risk and Reliability, Vol.229 Issue.2 pp.119-130

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