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Journal Articles

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Rajeev, P. N., & Kalpathi, S. (2016) Let's play: the use of Improv games in change management training-a case study.  Industry and Higher Education, Vol.30 Issue.(2): pp. 149-154.
Kumar, M., & Jauhari, H. (2016) Employee participation and turnover intention: exploring the explanatory roles of organizational justice and learning goal satisfaction.  Journal of Workplace Learning, , Vol.28 Issue.(8): pp. 496-509.
Pratap, S., Gupta, A., Mateen, A., & Mahato, K. (2016) Playing games, receiving gifts, creating experiences and building brands  Journal of Marketing Intelligence and Planning, , Vol.34 Issue.(4) pp.: 486-503.
Narayanamurthy, G., & Anand, G. (2016) Systemic leanness: An index for facilitating continuous improvement of lean implementation  Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Vol.27 Issue.(8): pp. 1014-1053.
Narayanamurthy, G., & Anand, G. (2016) Leanness assessment - a literature review.  International Journal of Production and Operations Management,, Vol.36 Issue.(10): pp. 1115-1160.
Ramkumar, P. N., John., S. R.., & Sridharan, R. (2016) Multi-period reverse logistics network design with emission cost.   International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol.27 Issue.(1) pp.:127-149.
Gopinath, S., & Padalkar, M. (2016) Six decades of project management research: Thematic trends and future opportunities.   International Journal of Project Management, , Vol.34 Issue.(7): pp. 1305-1321.
Gopinath, S., & Padalkar, M. (2016) Are complexity and uncertainty distinct concepts in project management? A taxonomical examination from literature.  International Journal of Project Management, , Vol.34 Issue.(4): pp. 688-700.
Chowdhury, S., & Kundu, A. (2016) Ordering properties of order statistics from heterogeneous exponentiated Weibull models.   Weibull models. Statistics & Probability Letters, , Vol.114:  pp. 119-127.
Chowdhury, S., & Mukherjee, S. P. (2016) Bayes estimation in M/M/1 queues with bivariate prior.   Journal of Statistics and Management Systems, , Vol.19 Issue.(5): pp.681-699.
Chowdhury, S., Mukherjee, A., & Nanda, A.K. (2016) On Compounded Geometric Distributions and Their Applications, Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation  ., Vol.46 Issue.(3): pp.1715-1734.
Murthy, C., Padhi, S. S., Gupta, N., & Kapil, K. (2016) An Empirical Investigation of the Antecedents of Value Co-creation in B2B IT Services Outsourcing  Business Process Management Journal, , Vol.22 Issue.(3): pp.484 - 506.
Pereira, V., Munjal, S. & Nandakumar, M.K. (2016) Reverse Dependency- A longitudinal case study investigation into Headquarter-Subsidiary relationship in the context of an emerging country.   International Studies of Management and Organization, , Vol.46 Issue.(1): pp.50-62.
Mukundhan, K.V. & Nandakumar, M.K. (2016) organization's choice of FDI-based Market Entry Modes:A Conceptual Model.   International Studies of Management and Organization,, Vol.46 Issue.(1): pp.63-74.
Upadhyayula, R. S., Dhandapani, K., & Karna, A. (2016) The Role of Cluster Presence and Quality Certification in Internationalization and Performance of Offshore Service Providers.   Journal of International Management, , Vol.23 Issue.(1): pp. 72-86.
Tan, A., & Mitra, S. (2016) Food Malayan Berhad's Intention to Grow Its Businesses. South Asian   Journal of Business and Management Cases, , Vol.5 Issue.(1):  pp.72-81.
Subramanian, S. (2016) A Comparison of Corporate Governance Practices in State-owned Enterprises and Their Private Sector Peers in India.   IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review, , Vol.5 Issue.(2):  pp.200-216.
Bhagawan, P. M., Luckose, J.P.J. (2016) The Determinants of Currency Derivatives Usage among Indian Non-financial Firms: An Empirical Study,  Studies in Economics and Finance  
Shette, R; Kuntluru, S. (2016) Opportunistic earnings management during initial public offerings: evidence from India  Review of Accounting and Finance, Vol.15 Issue.3 pp.352-371
Sahasranamam, S. & Agrawal, A. (2016) Corporate social entrepreneurship in India, South Asian Journal of Global Business Research.  ., Vol.5 Issue: 2,   pp.214-233

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