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Journal Articles

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Sahasranamam, S. & Sud, M (2016) Opportunity and necessity entrepreneurship: A comparative study of India and China  Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol.22 Issue.1 pp.21-39
Gurumurthy, A., & Narayanamurthy, G.; (2016) Systemic leanness: An index for facilitating continuous improvement of lean implementation  Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Vol. 27 Issue.8 pp.1014 - 1053
Chaturvedi, P. Sarkar, A. Majumdar, G. C. Sarmah, S. P. & Padhi, S. S. (2016) Milk Procurement of a Private Dairy Firm: An Economic Analysis  International Journal of Operational Research  
Mukherjee, S. (2016) Technology, trade and urban poor in a general equilibrium model with segmented domestic factor markets, International Review of Economics and Finance.  ., Vol.45:   pp.400-416.
Komera, S., & Luckose, J. P. J. (2016) Heterogeneity and asymmetry in speed of leverage adjustment: The Indian experience  Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, Vol.19(3) Issue.(13). pp.1-26
Ramprasath, L (2016) Role of stylized features in constructing better estimators.   Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, , Vol.46 Issue.(15) pp.7612-7620
Thomas, S., Thenmozhi, M., & Chandra, A. (2016) Open Interest, Basis, Volume and Spot Volatility during Growth, Crisis and Stable Period,Evidence from Indian Stock Market.   Finance India, Vol.30 Issue.(2). 
Sethi, D. (2016) Computer-Related Health Problems among White-Collar Employees: Communicating a Blueprint.   Indian Journal of Science and Technology, , Vol.9  Issue.(32). 
Sethi, D. (2016) Communication: Life blood of every organization R.V. Lesikar, M.E. Flatley, K. Rentz, P. Lentz, and N. Pande, Business Communication: Connecting in a Digital World  IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review  
Abdulla, M. S., & Bhatnagar, S. (2016) Multi-armed bandits based on a variant of Simulated Annealing.   Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, , Vol.47 Issue.(2):  pp.195-212.
Abdulla, M. S., Rekha, A. G., & Ashraf, S. (2016) Artificial Intelligence Marketing: An application of a novel Lightly Trained Support Vector Data Description. J  Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, Vol.37:  Issue.(5) pp.681-691.
Jayaprakash, P., & Pillai, R. R. (2016) An Integrated Model for E-waste Management in India Using Systems Thinking.   Management and Labour Studies, Vol.41 Issue.(1):  pp.45-57.
Pillai, R.R. (2016) The Complementary Role of Science, Spirituality and Ethics for a new World Order - The Golden Age,  Nitte Management Review,, Vol.10 Issue.(1): pp.1-19
Pillai, R.R (2016) Equanimity: An Essential Divine Virtue for Decision Making.  Nehru School of Management Journal  pp.: 19-25
Krishnan, S. (2016) Electronic warfare: A personality model of cyber incivility.   Computers in Human Behavior, , Vol.64:  pp.537-546.
Agarwal, N., Sebastian, M. P., & Agarwal, S. (2016) Assessing the adoption of a Home health provisioning system in India: An analysis of doctors.   Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management,, Vol.11 Issue.(2): pp. 49-64.
Nikunj A., & Sebastian M. P. (2016) Use of Cloud Computing and Smart Devices in Healthcare.   International Journal of Computer, Electrical, Automation, Control and Information Engineering; , Vol.10 Issue.(1): pp.156-159
Adhikari, A., & Jha, S. (2016) Goal Congruence in Hedonistic and Utilitarian Reasons for Purchase and Features of a Product.   South Asian Journal of Management,, Vol.23 Issue.(2) pp.: 72-89
Krishnan, T. N., & Poulose, S. (2016) Response rate in industrial surveys conducted in India: Trends and implications.  IIMB Management Review, Vol.28 Issue.(2) pp.: 88-97.
Krishnan, T.N., & Scullion, H. (2016) Talent management and dynamic view of talent in small and medium enterprises   Journal of World Business, Vol.45  Issue.(2): pp.179-189

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