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Journal Articles

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Suresh, R. P (2002) Estimation of change point when hazard rate changes sharply  Journal of Indian Statistical Association, Vol.40 Issue.2 
Sahadev, S. (2002) Case analysis of Radio FM  Case folio, Vol.7, issue:(9)  pp.10-15
Sahadev, S. (2002) Archives: The way Indians greet.  Case Folio, Vol.1 issue: (12):  pp.20-21.
Zhou, L., Chan, P.S.Y., & Pillai, R. K. (2002) Analysis of TCP/LLC protocols based on GPRS system  Computer Communications Jl, Vol.25 Issue.5 pp.501-506
Bhatt, P. R. (2002) Exchange rate of rupee vis-a-vis major international currencies  Prajnan, Vol.30 Issue.4 pp.375-383
Bhatt, P. R. (2002) Financial crises of Latin America and East Asia: A comparison  Man and Development, Vol.24 Issue.2 pp.123-143
Balakrishnan, P. (2002) Hello Marxism, goodbye Leninism! Review of Marx's Revenge by Meghnad Desai  Economic and Political Weekly  
Bhatt, P. R. (2002) Internationalisation and innovation: A case study of Nokia  Vision, Vol.6 Issue.2 pp.121-129
Sahadev, S. (2002) Managing marketing channels for high technology products: A behaviour based approach  Decision, Vol.29 Issue.2 pp.21-44
Balakrishnan, P. (2002) The budget and the economy  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.37 Issue.12 pp.1083-1085
Balakrishnan, P. (2002) Why did a slump follow the land reforms in Kerala?  South Asian Economic Journal, Vol.3 Issue.1 pp.51-67
Ballabh, V., Balooni, K., & Dave, S. (2002) Why local resources management institutions decline: A comparative analysis of Van (Forest) Panchayats and forest protection committees in India  World Development [Elsevier], Vol.30 Issue.12 pp.2153-2167
Nair, U. K. (2001) Adaptation to creation: Progress of organizational learning and increasing complexity of learning systems  Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Vol.18  pp.505-521
Gopinath, S., & Krishnamurti, C. (2001) Number of transactions and volatility: An empirical study using high-frequency data from Nasdaq stocks  Journal of Financial Research, Vol.24  pp.205- 218
Balakrishnan, P., & Pushpangadan, K. (2001) TFPG in manufacturing: The 80s revisited  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.37 Issue.4 pp.323-325
Bhatt, P. R. (2001) Trade and investment flows in SAARC region  Man and Development  pp.110- 124
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Balakrishnan, P. (2000) Agriculture and economic reforms: Growth and welfare  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.35 Issue.12 pp.999-1004
Bhatt, P. R. (2000) East Asian financial crisis: Alternative approach  Prajnan, Vol.29 Issue.1 pp.7-30
Bhatt, P. R. (2000) Foreign direct investment in ASEAN economies  Prajnan, Vol.29 Issue.2 pp.127-142

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