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Journal Articles

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Bhtatt P. R. (2003) Changes in Workforce Structure in India  Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol.46 Issue.4 pp.877-886
Kumar, S. S. S. (2003) Some refinements to the stock valuation models based on Accounting variables  South Asian Journal of Management, Vol.10 Issue.2 pp.13-18
Nair, U. K. (2003) Middle managers score fewer goals and make more fouls: Findings from a Computer Stimulated Top Management Simulation  Simulation & Gaming, Special issue on Asian Experiences in Simulation and Gaming, Vol.34 Issue.3 pp.387-408
B, Batavia., Nandakumar, P., & C, Wague. (2003) The Case for Openness: From here to Eternity? The Debate in the aftermath of the Asian Crisis  International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics, Vol.11 Issue.3 pp.391-412
B, Batavia., Nandakumar, P., & C, Wague. (2003) Exchange Rate Variability, Trade Volumes and the European Monetary Union  International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics, Vol.11 Issue.4 pp.523-554
Mulky, A., & Nargundkar, R. (2003) Modernisation in Indian Retailing: Managerial and Policy perspectives  Udyog Pragati, Vol.27 Issue.2 pp.1-8
Mulky, A., & Nargundkar, R. (2003) Global Marketing of High tech products from India: A Roadmap  ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.1 Issue.3 pp.77-82
Noronha, E.; (2003) Globalisation: The impact on port and dock workers in India  The Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol.46 Issue.4 pp.611-621
Noronha, E. (2003) Indian Trade Unions: Today and Beyond Tomorrow  Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.39 Issue.1 pp.95-107
Panda, T.K. (2003) Marketing misgivings and Indian consumer scope for competitive conduct  The Icfaian Journal of Management Research IJMR, Vol.2 Issue.4 pp.5-13
Panda, T.K. (2003) Leveraging brands through extensions and factors influencing consumer acceptance of extensions across product categories  South Asian Journal of Management, Vol.10 Issue.4 pp.7-12
Suresh, R. P (2003) On the inter-relationships between some classes of life distributions  Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin , Vol.54  pp.215-216
Suresh, R. P (2003) Estimation of location and scale parameters in a two-parameter exponential distribution from a censored sample  Statistical Methods, Vol.6 Issue.1 pp.82-89
Suresh, R. P., & Jayakumar, K (2003) Mittag-Leffler Distributions: A Review  Journal of Indian Society for Probability and Statistics, Vol.7  pp.51-71
Vijayalakshmi, S. (2003) Auditor response: Will it serve the purpose? Interview.   The Accounting World , Vol.2, issue 12:   pp.9-21.
Vijayalakshmi, S. (2003) Auditor response: Will it serve the purpose? Interview.  The Accounting World , Vol. 2 issue (12):  pp. 9-21.
Vijayalakshmi, S. (2003) Fair value of accounting: Challenges: Interview.  The Accounting World, Vol.3,issue (3):  pp.20-21.
Bhattacharyya, S., Bhattacharya, B.B., Singh, R. & Damodaran, S. (2003) ) Industrial Recovery: Is it sustainable? Debate. ICFA! Reader October, 61-66.   
Panda, T,K. (2003) Integrating Human Resources with Business Strategy through Internal Marketing. Organizational Management  , Vol.19,issue (1):  pp. 12-15.
Rameshan, P. (2003) Understanding Trips: Managing Knowledge in Developing Countries by Rao, M.B. and Manjula, G. Book Review. Vikalpa: The Journalfor Decision Makers  , Vol.28,issue (4):  pp.122-123.

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