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Sugathan,P., Kumar Rakesh Ranjan & Avinash G. Mulky (2017) Atypical Shifts Post-failure: Influence of Co-creation on Attribution and Future Motivation to Co-create  Journal of Interactive Marketing, Vol.38:  pp.64-81
Ramkumar, P.N., John, T.S. & Sridharan, R. (2017) Multi-period reverse logistics network design with emission cost  The International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol.28, Issue 1:  pp.127-149
Chowdhury, S.,Mukherjee,A.,Nanda,A.K. (2017) On compounded geometric distributions and their applications  Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, Vol.46, Issue 3:  pp.715-1734
Balakrishnan, P., Das, M., & Parameswaran,M. (2017) The internal dynamic of Indian economic growth.  Journal of Asian Economics, Vol.50:  pp.46-61.
Pandey, J., Varkkey, B., & Sinha, A. (2017) Professionalizing Religious Family-owned Organizations: An Examination of Human Resource Challenges  South Asian Journal of Management, Vol.24, Issue 2:  pp.7-24
Nair, S.R. & Eapen, L.M. (2017) Price Monitoring and Control under GST – Lessons from Australia  Economic and Political Weekly, , Vol.52 (25-26).  
Baag, P. K. (2017) Perspectives look at the role of the Indian regulators and the private sector in expanding financial access to the poor,   International Journal of Research in Business Studies , Vol.2, issue 1  
Komera, S. Lukose, J. P. J. & Sasidharan, S. (2017) Does Business Group affiliation encourage R&D activities? Evidence from India   Asia Pacific journal of Manag  
Bhagawan, P. M. & Lukose, J. P. J. (2017) The Determinants of Currency Derivatives Usage among Indian Non-financial Firms: An Empirical Study   Studies in economics and finance, Vol.34, issue 3  
Ramprasath, L. & Durairajan, T. M. (2017) Estimating functions and equivariance for diffusion models   journal of Indian Statistical Association   
Adhikari, A. & Chakrabarty, M. A. (2017) Micro Modelling of Individual Travellers Information Seeking Behaviour. A heterogeneity Specifc Study  Current Issues in Tourism journal  
Sinha, R. & Adhikari, A. (2017) Advertised Reference Price and Sales Price as Anchors of the Latitude of Expected Price and its Impact on Purchase Intention  European Journal of Marketing, Vol.51, issue 9/10  
omas, J. Saha, B. & Satpathy, C. (2017) Chennai Super Kings (CSK): Growing and Leveraging Brand Equity  Journal of International Business Education  
Mukherjee, S. (2017) Input Trade Reform and Wage Inequality., International Review of Economics and Finance.  ., Vol. 51  pp.145-156
Broll, U., & Mukherjee, S. (2017) International trade and firms attitude towards risk, Economic Modelling.  ., Vol.64,  pp.69 - 73.
Balakrishnan, P. (2017) Markets, Growth and Social Opportunity India since 1991., Economic & Political Weekly.  ., Vol.52 Issue.(2) 
Baag, P. K. & Kavitha, P. (2017) Banks in India- Efficiency in Financing Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Under PMMY Scheme: DEA Approach.  SMART Journal of Business Management Studies,, Vol.13 Issue.(2). 
Shette, R., & Korivi,S. R. (2017) Cobweb Theorem: Signals from Indian Commodity Markets, with Specific Reference to Pulses.  ICAI's Research Bulletin, Vol.43 Issue.1 
Krishnadas N., & Pillai, R. R. (2017) The Influence of Green IS Practices on Competitive Advantage: Mediation Role of Green Innovation Performance.   Information Systems Management, Vol.34, Issue.(1): pp.3-19
Abdulla, M. S., Rekha, A. G., & Ashraf, S. (2017) Lightly trained support vector data description for novelty detection,   Expert Systems with Applications, , Vol.85 Issue.(1):  pp.25-32

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