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Journal Articles

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Amblee, N., Ullah, R., & Kim, W. (2017) Do product reviews really reduce search costs?,  Journal of Organizational computing and Electronic commerce , Vol.27, Issue (3)  pp.199-217
Kumar, R., Padhi, S. S. & Sarkar, A (2017) Optimal number of suppliers to mitigate supply disruption: A case of Indian locomotive manufacturer  International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, Vol.30, Issue (1)  
Dhayanithy, D. (2017) Managing Intercollegiate Athletics, D. Covell, S. Walker, 2nd ed., Holcomb Hathaway, Arizona, US (2016),  Sport Management Review, Vol.20 (4)  pp.424-425,
Sridhar, G., & Lyngdoh, T. (2017) Flow and information sharing as predictors of ethical selling behaviour  Journal of Business Ethics  
Gopalakrishnan, N., Anand, G., & Raju, C. (2017) Applying lean thinking in an educational institute – an action research  International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol.66, Issue (5)  pp.598-629
Bhagyanathan, M., Dhayanithy, D., Parambath, V.A. & Bijayraj, R. (2017) Acanthosis nigricans: A screening test for insulin resistance – An important risk factor for diabetes mellitus type‑2.  Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, Vol.6 (1).  
Padhi, S.S., Jena, S. K., & Sarmah, S. P. (2017) Impact of government incentive on price competition of closed-loop supply chain systems  INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research  pp.1-33
Chowdhury, S., & Nanda, A. K. (2017) A new lifetime distribution with applications in inventory and insurance  International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management  
Padhi, S. S., & Pati, R. K. (2017) Quantifying Potential Tourist Behavior in Choice of Destination using Google Trends  Tourism Management Perspectives, Vol.24  pp.34-47
Krishnan, T. N., & Scullion, H. (2017) Talent management and dynamic view of talent in small and medium enterprises.  Human Resource Management Review, Vol.3(27)  pp.431-441
Rajeev, P. N., & Kalagnanam, S. (2017) India’s mandatory CSR policy: implications and implementation challenges  International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, Vol.12, Issue (1)  pp.-
Krishnan, T.N. (2017) Career progression of female talent: Issues and challenges  National HRD Network Journal, Vol.10 (4):  pp.66-71.
Kumar, N. & Sensarma, R. (2017) Efficiency of Microfinance Institutions in India: A Stochastic Distance Function Approach  Journal of Emerging Market Finance, Vol.16, issue 2:   pp.151–168
Roy, S. and Pradhan, B. (2017) Bayesian optimum life testing plans under progressive Type I interval censoring scheme  Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Vol.33 : Issue 8  pp.2727–2737
Venugopal, A., Krishnan,T N., Kumar,M. & Upadhyayula,R. (2017) Strengthening organizational ambidexterity with top management team mechanisms and processes  International Journal of Human Resource Management   pp.1-32
Sugathan,P., Kumar Rakesh Ranjan & Avinash G. Mulky (2017) Atypical Shifts Post-failure: Influence of Co-creation on Attribution and Future Motivation to Co-create  Journal of Interactive Marketing, Vol.38:  pp.64-81
Balasubramanian, G., & Dhal, M. (2017) Industrial Relations Situation in India: A Report  Japan Labour Issues,, Vol. 1(3)  

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