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Journal Articles

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Rameshan, P (2004) Quality of Service of Primary Health Centres: Insight form a Field Study  Vikalpa, Vol.3 Issue.29 pp.71-82
Panda, T. K (2004) Effectiveness of product placements in Indian Films and its effect on Brand Memory and attitude with Special Reference to Hindi Films  ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.3  pp.42-56
Panda, T. K (2004) Consumer response to brand placement in Films: Role of Brand Congruity and Modality of Presentation in bringing attitudinal change aiming consumers with special reference to Brand Placements in Hindi films  South Asian Journal of Management, Vol.11 Issue.4 pp.7-25
Panda, T. K (2004) Changing paradigms, competitive strategies and role of integrated marketing communication in building brands in Indian markets  Management and Labor Studies, Vol.29 Issue.3 pp.173-187
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Noronha, E. (2004) Privatisation of Port and Dock Workers and its Impact on Labour. Labour File , Vol. 2,issue (1):  pp.40-48.
Panda. ,T.K. (2004) Branding India: Strategic Challenges and Possible Approaches. Advertising Express.   pp.29-41.
Rameshan, P. (2004) Reintegrating India with the World Economy by Srinivasan, T.N. and Tendulkar, S.D. Book Review. Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers , Vol. 29,issue(1):   pp. 132-134.
D Cruz, P. (2004) Experiences with the health care system in the context of HIV/AIDS,Critical Public Health.    
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Panda,T.K. (2004) Brand Placements in Hindi Films. ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management   
Panda,T.K. (2004) Brand Paradigm and Strategies in Indian Market. Management and Labor Studies.    
Sarkar, S. (2004) Patent Licensing by a Standard Auction in Presence of Network Externality. The Manchester School   
Balakrishnan, P., & Suresh Babu, M. (2004) Growth and distribution in Indian industry in the nineties  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.38 Issue.38 pp.3997- 4005
Sahadev, S., & Jayachandran, S. (2004) Managing the distribution channels for high-technology products: A behavioral approach  European Journal of Marketing, Vol.38 Issue.1/2 pp.121-149
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D'Cruz, P. (2003) HIV/AIDS and the workplace: Challenges and responses  Global Business Review, Vol.4 Issue.1 pp.131-151
D'Cruz, P. (2003) Family focussed interventions in health and illness  Journal of Health Management, Vol.5 Issue.1 pp.37-56
D'Cruz, P. (2003) Moments of truth: The experiences of wives in HIV/AIDS affected nuclear households in Mumbai, India  Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Vol.34 Issue.2 pp.255-281

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