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Balakrishnan, P., & Suresh Babu, M. (2004) Growth and distribution in Indian industry in the nineties  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.38 Issue.38 pp.3997- 4005
Sahadev, S., & Jayachandran, S. (2004) Managing the distribution channels for high-technology products: A behavioral approach  European Journal of Marketing, Vol.38 Issue.1/2 pp.121-149
Balakrishnan, P. (2004) Measuring productivity in manufacturing sector  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.39 Issue.14 & 15 pp.1465-1471
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D'Cruz, P. (2003) HIV/AIDS and the workplace: Challenges and responses  Global Business Review, Vol.4 Issue.1 pp.131-151
D'Cruz, P. (2003) Family focussed interventions in health and illness  Journal of Health Management, Vol.5 Issue.1 pp.37-56
D'Cruz, P. (2003) Moments of truth: The experiences of wives in HIV/AIDS affected nuclear households in Mumbai, India  Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Vol.34 Issue.2 pp.255-281
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Balooni, K. (2003) Economics of wastelands afforestation in India, a review  New Forests, Vol.26 Issue.2 pp.101-136
Bhtatt P. R. (2003) Market Innovative strategy: A case of LG Electronics  Vision, Vol.7 Issue.2 pp.87-96
Bhtatt P. R. (2003) Changes in Workforce Structure in India  Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol.46 Issue.4 pp.877-886
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B, Batavia., Nandakumar, P., & C, Wague. (2003) The Case for Openness: From here to Eternity? The Debate in the aftermath of the Asian Crisis  International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics, Vol.11 Issue.3 pp.391-412
B, Batavia., Nandakumar, P., & C, Wague. (2003) Exchange Rate Variability, Trade Volumes and the European Monetary Union  International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics, Vol.11 Issue.4 pp.523-554
Mulky, A., & Nargundkar, R. (2003) Modernisation in Indian Retailing: Managerial and Policy perspectives  Udyog Pragati, Vol.27 Issue.2 pp.1-8
Mulky, A., & Nargundkar, R. (2003) Global Marketing of High tech products from India: A Roadmap  ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.1 Issue.3 pp.77-82

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