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Journal Articles

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Chaudhuri, G (2005) A lower confidence limit for reliability of a coherent system with Independent Exponential Components  Indian Association for Productivity Quality and Reliability, Vol.55  
Chaudhuri, G (2005) Some important reliability results via the CHA representation/algorithm  Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin , Vol.29  
D Cruz, P., & Noronha, E (2005) Achieving downsizing: Managerial perspectives  Global Business Review, Vol.6 issue (1): January-June  
Dwivedi, N., & Banerjee, A (2005) L&T: Restructuring the Cement Business   Asian Case Research Journal, Vol.9 Issue.1 pp.83-115
Panda, T. K (2005) A value added organizational knowledge framework for better decisions in wicked environments  The ICFAI Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol.3 Issue.2 pp.7-18
Sarkar, S (2005) Patent licensing by a standard auction in presence of network externality  The Manchester School, Vol.73 Issue.2 pp.228-245
Sarkar, S (2005) "On vertical differentiation, network externality and compatibility decisions: Existence of incompatible networks existence of incompatible networks - An example  Contemperory Issues and Ideas in Social Sciences, Vol.1 Issue.2 
Sahadev, S (2005) "Exploring the role of expert power in channel management: An empirical study"  Industrial Marketing Management, Vol.34  pp.487-494
Sahadev, S., & Nazrul Islam (2005) Why do hotels adopt ICTs? A study among hotels in Thailand  International journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol.17 Issue.5 pp.391-401
Sahadev, S., & Nazrul Islam; (2005) E-commerce adoption in the Hotel Industry in Thailand: An Empirical study  Information Technology and Tourism, Vol.7 Issue.2 
Suresh, R. P., & Singh, G (2005) Implementation of Six Sigma in the Service Industry  Effective Executive,2005, Vol.7 Issue.1 pp.12-18
B, Batavia., Nandakumar, P., & C, Wague (2005) Probability of Bank crises in emerging markets of Asia and South America  International Journal of Business Research, Vol.3 Issue.1 pp.23-34
B, Batavia., Nandakumar, P., & C, Wague (2005) Asset price volatility and consumer inflation: Is there a predictive link?  Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, Vol.5 Issue.2 pp.35-45
B, Barot., Nandakumar, P., & C, Wague (2005) EMU membership, trade and investment flows  International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics, Vol.12  
Rameshan, P., & Singh, S (2005) Quality of health delivery system: A case on the customer orientation of primary health centres  Journal of Health Management, Vol.7 Issue.2 pp.187-206
Sreekumar, M. G., & Sunitha, T (2005) Seamless aggregation and integration of diverse datastreams: Essential strategies for building practical digital libraries and electronic information systems  International Information and Library Review, Vol.37  pp.383-393
Suresh, R. P., Kurien, J., & Sebastian, G (2005) The maximum likelihood estimation of parameters in a symmetric location and scale family with Kurtosis three  Statistical Theory and Application, Vol.1  pp.223-232
Bhatt, P. R. (2005) Strategy of Custamisation: A Case of Nokia, Asia-Pacific Business Review.   
Broca, D. S. (2005) An Elegant Mode for Determining the Mode, College Mathematics Journal.    
Broca, D. S. (2005) A Note on Skewness Coefficients, Teaching Statistics.    

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