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Journal Articles

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Kumar, S. S. S. (2006) Comparative performance of volatility forecasting models in Indian markets  Decision, Vol.33 Issue.2 pp.25-40
Nandakumar, P., Batavia, B., & Wague, C. (2006) Economic Convergence in the old and the new economiesof the OECD  The Journal of the American Academy of Management  
Sthanumoorthy, R. (2006) Economic effects of value added tax  The ICFAI Journal of Public Finance, Vol.4 Issue.4 pp.43-61
Sthanumoorthy, R. & Eapen, L. M. (2006) Energy conservation- A sectoral analysis  The ICFAI Journal of Infrastructure, Vol.4 Issue.4 pp.50-55
Chakravarty, D. (2006) Growing services in India: An intersectoral analysis of state level data  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.41 Issue.27&28 pp.3061-3067
Chakravarty, D. (2006) Labour arrangements and bargaining outcomes under different Market Conditions  Indian Journal of Labour Economics,, Vol.49 Issue.1 pp.121-131
Kumar, S. S. S. (2006) Role of institutional investors in Indian stock market  Impact, Vol.1 Issue.1 pp.76-80
Sthanumoorthy, R. & Eapen, L. M. (2006) Solar energy development in India: An assessment  The ICFAI Journal of Infrastructure, Vol.4 Issue.3 pp.50-58
Kumar, S. S. S. (2006) Square root of time rule and the Indian stock market  South Asian Journal of Management, Vol.13 Issue.4 pp.101-107
Jharkharia, S., & Shankar, R. (2006) Supply chain management: Some sectoral dissimilarities in the Indian manufacturing industry  Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol.11 Issue.4 pp.345-352
Nandakumar, P., Batavia, B., & Wague, C. (2006) Two sector models of open economies and beyond: A synthesis and an empirical application  The Journal of Economic Asymmetries (Toronto), Vol.3  
Deepita, C (2005) Women Workers, Entrepreneurs and Behavioural Rationale: A cae of Indian Garment Manufacturing  Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol.48 (1)  pp.101-113
Balooni, K., & Inoue, M. (2005) Participatory forest management as a core of new mode of Forest Governance in South and Southeast Asia: An Overview and Comparative Analysis of Institutional and Policy Characteristics  The International Forestry Review, Vol.7(5)  pp.213
Broca, D. S (2005) Mean and Variance through Factorial moments  Teaching Statistics, Vol.27 Issue.2 pp.55-57
Chaudhuri, G (2005) A lower confidence limit for reliability of a coherent system with Independent Exponential Components  Indian Association for Productivity Quality and Reliability, Vol.55  
Chaudhuri, G (2005) Some important reliability results via the CHA representation/algorithm  Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin , Vol.29  
D Cruz, P., & Noronha, E (2005) Achieving downsizing: Managerial perspectives  Global Business Review, Vol.6 issue (1): January-June  
Dwivedi, N., & Banerjee, A (2005) L&T: Restructuring the Cement Business   Asian Case Research Journal, Vol.9 Issue.1 pp.83-115
Panda, T. K (2005) A value added organizational knowledge framework for better decisions in wicked environments  The ICFAI Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol.3 Issue.2 pp.7-18
Sarkar, S (2005) Patent licensing by a standard auction in presence of network externality  The Manchester School, Vol.73 Issue.2 pp.228-245

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