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Journal Articles

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Jeyavelu, S. (2007) Organizational identity and sustainable competitive advantage: Combining resource based view and configuration approach.  International Journal of Management Practices & Contemporary Thought, Vol.2 Issue.2 pp.80-88
Kumar, S. S. S. (2007) Price pressure hypothesis: Evidence from S&P CNX Nifty index changes  Metamorphosis, Vol.6 Issue.1 pp.9-32
Balooni, K., & Singh, K. (2007) Prospects and problems of afforestation of wastelands in India: A synthesis of macro and micro perspectives  Geoforum (Elsevier), Vol.38  pp.1276- 1289
Jharkharia, S., & Shankar, R. (2007) Selection of logistics service provider: An analytic network process Approach  Omega, The International Journal of Management Science, Vol.35  pp.274-289
Kumar, S. S. S. (2007) Short and long-run performance of bookbuilt IPOs in India  Impact, Vol.2 Issue.2 pp.19-29
Chatterjee, D., & Srivastava, B. N. (2007) The concept of newness  International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, Vol.2 Issue.3 pp.240-245
Nandakumar, P., Batavia, B., & Wague, C. (2007) The IT sector the income convergence hypothesis and the human development Index  International Journal of Business Research, Vol.7 Issue.2 
Pati, R. K., Vrat, P., & Kumar, P. (2007) Three-win strategy with optimization approach for recycled paper manufacturer  International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, Vol.1 Issue.2/3 pp.269-290
Kumar, S. S. S. (2007) Why foreign institutional investors are investing in India?  Foreign Trade Review, Vol.42 Issue.3 pp.59-72
Rameshan, P (2006) India's Textiles & Clothing Trade: Moving from big hopes & small grains to big hopes & big gains  Foreign Trade Review  pp.45-71
Sreekumar, M. G (2006) Library marketing in the New Information Environment: Ways and Means  Kelpro Bulletin, Vol.10 Issue.1 pp.59-67
Pati, R. K., Vrat, P., & Kumar, P; (2006) Economic analysis of paper recycling vis-a-vis wood as raw material  International Journal of Production Economics, Vol.103  pp.489-508
Suresh, R. P., & Abdul Sathar, E. I. (2006) Bayesian Estimation of Lorenz curve and Gini Index in a shifted exponential distribution  Statistical Methods, Vol.8 Issue.2 pp.73-82
Kumar, S. S. S. (2006) Comparative performance of volatility forecasting models in Indian markets  Decision, Vol.33 Issue.2 pp.25-40
Nandakumar, P., Batavia, B., & Wague, C. (2006) Economic Convergence in the old and the new economiesof the OECD  The Journal of the American Academy of Management  
Sthanumoorthy, R. (2006) Economic effects of value added tax  The ICFAI Journal of Public Finance, Vol.4 Issue.4 pp.43-61
Sthanumoorthy, R. & Eapen, L. M. (2006) Energy conservation- A sectoral analysis  The ICFAI Journal of Infrastructure, Vol.4 Issue.4 pp.50-55
Chakravarty, D. (2006) Growing services in India: An intersectoral analysis of state level data  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.41 Issue.27&28 pp.3061-3067
Chakravarty, D. (2006) Labour arrangements and bargaining outcomes under different Market Conditions  Indian Journal of Labour Economics,, Vol.49 Issue.1 pp.121-131
Kumar, S. S. S. (2006) Role of institutional investors in Indian stock market  Impact, Vol.1 Issue.1 pp.76-80

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