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Pawar, B. S (2009) Some of the recent organizational behaviour concepts as precursors to workplace sprituality  Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.88 Issue.2 pp.245-261
Pawar, B. S (2009) Individual spirituality, workplace spirituality and work attitudes: An empirical test of direct and interaction effects  Leadership and Organization Development Journal, Vol.30 Issue.8 pp.759-777
Pawar, B. S (2009) Workplace spirituality facilitation: A comprehensive model  Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.90 Issue.3 pp.375-386
Sreekumar, M. G (2009) Open source web content management technologies for libraries  Journal of Information Science and Technology, Vol.1 Issue.2 
Srinivasan, S. K (2009) On the role of 'Punctuation' in case teaching  Journal of Information Science and Technology, Vol.34 Issue.2 pp.57-60
Sahadev, S., & Purani, K. (2009) Modelling the Consequences of E-service quality: An empirical study. Marketing Intelligence & Planning   
Nair, A. S., Sarkar, A., Ramanathan, A., & Subramanyam, A. (2009) Anomalies in CAPM: A panel data analysis under Indian conditions  International Research Journal of Finance and Economics Issue.33 pp.192-206
Lund, F. L., Balooni, K., & Casse, T. (2009) Change we can believe in? Reviewing studies on the conservation impact of popular participation in forest management  Conservation and Society, Vol.7 Issue.2 pp.71-82
Yamashita, U., Balooni, K., & Inoue, M. (2009) Effect of instituting authorized neighborhood associations on communal (Iriai) forest ownership  Society & Natural Resources, Vol.22 Issue.5 pp.464-473
Kuntluru, S., & Khan, M. A. A. (2009) Financing pattern of foreign and domestic owned pharmaceutical companies India  The Management Account journal, Vol.44 Issue.12 
Bhattacharya, J. (2009) Fiscal deficits and the interest rate  Economic & Political Weekly, Vol.44 Issue.22 pp.20-33
Balooni, K., & Inoue, M. (2009) Joint forest management in India: The management change process  IIMB Management Review, Vol.21 Issue.1 pp.1-17
Bhattacharya, J. (2009) Oil Shocks: How Destabilizing are they  Social Scientist, Vol.37 Issue.03-04 pp.25-32
Choudhari, G. (2009) On the reliability function of a coherent structure of components sharing a common environment  Journal of Probability and Statistical Science, Vol.7  pp.19-27
Sinha, P. (2009) Performance of an add-drop-interchange heuristic for the capacitated facility location problem  International Journal of Applied Management Science, Vol.1 Issue.4 pp.388- 400
Gangopadhyay, K., & Hatchondo, J. C. (2009) The behavior of household and business investment over the business cycle  Economic Quarterly, Vol.95 Issue.3 pp.269-288
Bhatt, P.R. (2008) Trade Competitiveness in India  Margin:Journal of Applied Economic Research  
Gopinath, S. (2008) A Risk Based Meterial Procurement Policy for Humanitarian Supply Chains  Disaster Prevention & Management: An International Journal  
Nanadakumar, P., Abri, A.A., Batavia, B., & Wague , C. (2008) Regional and Global Financial Integration of the Gulf Co-operation Community Countries. Journal of International Finance & Economics.   
Batavia, B., & Wague,C. (2008) Euro: will reserve holdings shift in its favor?. Journal of Economic Perspectives.    

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