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Pati, R. K., Vrat, P., & Kumar, P (2010) Quantifying bullwhip effect in a closed loop supply chain  OPSEARCH, Vol.47 Issue.4 pp.231-253
Pati, R. K., & Vrat, P (2010) Economic paper blending optimization model with competing materials  Management of Environmental Quality An International Journal, Vol.21 Issue.5 pp.602-617
George, V., & Sebastian, M. P (2010) An efficient Homomorphic coercion resistant and E2E verifiable voting scheme  Computer and Information Science, Vol.3 Issue.4 pp.125-130
Kodali, R., & Anand, G. (2010) Application of Analytic Network Process for the Design of Flexible Manufacturing Systems  Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, Vol.11 Issue.1-2 pp.39-54
Nair, A. (2010) B-Schoolers Talk Budget  Business World (Online Edition)  
Nandakumar, M. K., Ghobadian, A., & O'Regan, N. (2010) Business-level Strategy and Performance The moderating effects of environment and structure  Management Decision, Vol.48  pp.907-939
Balooni, K., Lund, J. F., Kumar, C., & Inoue, M. (2010) Curse or blessing? Local elites in Joint Forest Management in India's Shiwaliks  International Journal of the Commons, Vol.4 Issue.2 pp.707-728
Kumar, S., & Varma, S. (2010) Launching Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery Solutions: the Case of Ozonetel  Inderscience Journal of Tech Marketing, Vol.5 Issue.1 
Balooni, K., Lund, J. F., & Puri, L. (2010) Perception-based Methods to Evaluate Conservation Impact in Forests Managed Through Popular Participation  Ecology & Society, Vol.15 Issue.3 pp.5
Balooni, K., Kalro, A. H., & Kamalamma, A. G. (2010) Sustainability of tunnel wells in a changing agrarian context: A case study from South India  Agricultural Water Management, Vol.97 Issue.5 pp.659-665
Krishnan, T. N. (2010) Technological Change and Employment Relations in India  The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.45 Issue.3 pp.367-380
Rameshan, P. (2010) WTO Negotiations on Agriculture & Developing Countries??, Anwarul Hoda & Ashok Gulati  Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2007., Vol.35 Issue.1 pp.294
Anand, G., & Kodali, R (2009) Application of value stream mapping and simulation for the design of lean manufacturing systems - a case study  International Journal of Process and Simulation Modelling, Vol.5 Issue.3 pp.192-204
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Anand, G., & Kodali, R (2009) Application of benchmarking for assessing the lean manufacturing implementation  Benchmarking: An International Journal, Vol.16 Issue.2 pp.274-308
Anand, G., & Kodali, R (2009) Selection of lean manufacturing systems using the analytic network process - a case study  Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management, Vol.20 Issue.2 pp.258-289
Gangopadhyay, K., & Basu, B (2009) City size distribution for India and China  Physica A, Vol.388 Issue.13 pp.2682-2688
Shukla, M., & Jharkharia, S (2009) ARIMA Models to forecast demand in fresh supply chains  International Journal of Operational Research, Vol.10 Issue.2 
Pati, R. K., Vrat, P., & Kumar, P (2009) Decision making model for economical wastepaper collection  Productivity, Vol.49 Issue.4 pp.265-271

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