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Journal Articles

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Roy, S. (2018) Bayesian Accelerated Life Test Plans for Series Systems with Weibull Component Lifetimes  Applied Mathematical Modelling, Vol.62(2018):   pp.383-403
Padhi, S.S., Pati, R.K., & Rajeev, A. (2018) Framework for selecting sustainable supply chain processes and industries using an integrated approach  Journal of Cleaner Production  
John, L., & Anand, G. (2018) Coordination Quality Index: A metric for measuring the quality of coordination efforts in humanitarian supply chain  International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise, Vol.5 (1-2):   pp.141-172.
Narayanamurthy, G., & Anand, G. (2018) Is the hospital lean? A mathematical model for assessing the implementation of lean thinking in healthcare institutions  Operations Research for Health Care, Vol.18:  pp..84-98.
Kumar, M., Jauhari, H., Rastogi, A., & Sivakumar, S. (2018) Managerial support for development and turnover intention: Roles of organizational support, work engagement and job satisfaction,  Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol.31(1):   pp.135-153.
Nair, A.S & Vinod, R. (2018) Determinants of the allocative, cost and scope efficiencies of Indian banks  Applied Economics  
Kumarar, D.S., Purani, K., & Viswanathan, S.A. (2018) Influences of appscape on mobile app adoption and m-loyalty  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol.45  pp.132-141
Mukherje, S., & Das, A. (2018) Emotion without a Word: An Analysis of Bengali Emotions and Their English Translation  Studies in Linguistics and Literature, Vol.2(4).  
Mukherjee, S. & Das, A. (2018) Emotion without a Word: An Analysis of Bengali Emotions and Their English Translation  Studies in Linguistics and Literature, Vol.2(4)  
Narayanamurthy, G., Gurumurthy, A. & Moser, R. (2018) 8A framework for value stream selection – an empirical case study  Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol.35 (5):  pp.1001-1026
Adhikari, A., & Sinha, R.K. (2018) Buyer-seller amount-price equilibrium for prepaid services: Implication for promotional pricing  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol.44  pp.285-292
Zanger, I. Padhi , S. S. & Wagner, S. M. (2018) Linking social system failures: A short note on marriage and firm failure  Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, Vol.3, issue1:  pp.40-43
Jacob, C. & Lukose, P. J. (2018) Institutional Ownership and Dividend Payout in Emerging Markets: Evidence from India  Journal of Emerging Market Finance, Vol.17(1):   pp.S54-S82
Krishnan, S. (2018) Understanding the Conceptual Meaning of Aadhaar: Insights from Semantic Network Analysis   Government Information Quarterly  
Rastogi,A., Pati,S.P., Dixit,J.R., & Kumar, P. (2018) Work disengagement among SME workers: evidence from India  Benchmarking: An International Journal, Vol.25, issue 3:  pp.968-980
Thomas, A. & Spataro,L. (2018) Financial Literacy, Human Capital and Stock Market Participation in Europe  Journal of Family and Economic Issues  
Chowdhury, S. & Chakrabarty, J.B. (2018) Compounded Inverse Weibull Distributions: Properties, Inference and Applications,   Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation   
Sugathan, P., Rossmann, A., & Ranjan,K.R. (2018) Toward a conceptualization of perceived complaint handling quality in social media and traditional service channels  European Journal of Marketing  

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