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Shukla, P., & Purani, K. (2011) Comparing the Importance of Luxury Value Perceptions in Cross-national Context, Journal of Business Research  - Issue.10 
Adhikari, A., & Gill, M (2011) Impact of resources, capabilities and technology on market orientation of Indian B2B firms  Journal of Services Research, Vol.11 Issue.2 
Gangopadhyay, K., Gosh, A., & Basu, B (2011) Consumer expenditure distribution in India, 1983-2007: Evidence of a long pareto tail  Physica A, Vol.390 Issue.1 pp.83-97
Mann, B. J., & Kohli, R (2011) Target shareholders wealth creation in domestic and cross border acquisitions in India  International Journal of Commerce and Management, Vol.21 Issue.1 pp.63-81
Nair, A. S (2011) Existence and extent of impact of individual stock derivatives on spot market volatility in India  Applied Financial Economics, Vol.21  pp.563-600
Nandakumar, M. K., Ghobadian, A., & O'Regan, N (2011) Generic strategies and performance - evidence from manufacturing firms  International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol.60 Issue.3 pp.222-251
Nazeer, A., Sebastian, M. P., & Madhukumar (2011) A Heuristic K-means algorithm with better accuracy and efficiency for clustering health informatics data  Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, Vol.1 Issue.1 pp.66-71
Anitha, V. S., & Sebastian, M. P. (2011) Application oriented connected dominating set-based cluster formation in sensor networks  Journal of Brazilian Computer Society, Vol.17 Issue.1 pp.3-18
Sajeev, G. P., & Sebastian, M. P (2011) A novel content classification scheme for Web caches,  Evolving Systems, Vol.2 Issue.2 pp.101-118
Anitha, V. S., & Sebastian, M. P (2011) Dominating set based, distributed and adaptive clustering algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks  IET Communications, Vol.5 Issue.13 pp.1836-1853
Joseph, J., & Sivakumaran, B (2011) Consumer promotion in the Indian market  Journal of International Consumer Marketing, Vol.23 Issue.2 pp.151-165
Kumar, M., & Singh, S (2011) Leader-Member exchange & perceived organizational justice - An empirical investigation  The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.47 Issue.2 pp.277-289
Kumar, M., & Singh, S (2011) Roles of perceived exchange quality and organizational identification in predicting turnover intention  IIMB Management Review, Vol.24  pp.5-15
Nair, S. R., & Eapen, L. M (2011) Wheat price inflation in recent times: Causes, lessons and new perspectives  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.XLVI Issue.36 pp.58-65
Raju, C., & Raghottam, A. H (2011) Minimum Average Total Inspection (ATI) Chain Sampling Plan (ChSP-1)  International Journal of Statistics and Analysis, Vol.1 Issue.4 pp.383-392
Purkayastha, S., Manolova, T., & Edelman L. (2011) Diversification and Performance in Developed and Emerging Market Contexts: A Review of Literature. International Journal of Management Reviews.   -, Vol.14:  pp.18-38
Krishnan, T. N., & Maheswari, S. K. (2011) A re-conceptualization of career systems, its dimensions and proposed measures  Career Development International, Vol.16 Issue.7 pp.1362-0436
Kuntluru, S., Khan, M. A. A., & Parupati, S. K. (2011) Analysis of Financial Statement using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA): A case of select Indian pharmaceutical companies  The Business Review, Cambridge, Vol.17.issue (1): Issue.1 pp.178-184
Anand, G., & Kodali, R. (2011) Design of lean manufacturing systems using value stream mapping with simulation - A case study  Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Vol.22 Issue.4 pp.444-473
Anand, G., Kodali, R., & Kumar, B. S. (2011) Development of analytic network process for the selection of material handling systems in the design of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS)  Journal of Advances in Management Research, Vol.8 Issue.1 pp.123-147

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