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Journal Articles

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Bahinipati, B. K., & Deshmukh, S. G (2012) Impact of e-market on semiconductor supply chain coordination: guidelines from theory  Logistics Research, Vol.4 Issue.1-2 pp.19-38
Balooni, K., Gangopadhyay, K., Turakhia, S., & Karthik, R. G (2012) Challenges in the sustainability of a targeted health care initiative in India  IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review, Vol.1 Issue.1 pp.27-41
Kohli, R., & Mann, B. J (2012) Analyzing determinants of value creation in domestic and cross border acquisitions in India  International Business Review, Vol.21 Issue.6 pp.998-1016
Mann, B. J., & Kohli, R (2012) Do brand acquisitions create wealth for acquiring company shareholders? Evidence from India  Journal of Product & Brand Management, Vol.21,issue(4): Issue.4 pp.265-274
Mitra, S., & Tan, A. W. K (2012) Lessons learned from large construction project in Saudi Arabia  Benchmarking: An International Journal, Vol.19, issue(3): Issue.4 pp.308-324
Nair, S. R., & Eapen, L. M (2012) Food price inflation in India (2008 to 2010) A commodity-wise analysis of the casual factors  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.47 Issue.20 pp.46-54
Raju, C., & Raghottam, A. H (2012) On designing chain sampling plan (ChSP-1) for average quality protection  Model Assisted Statistics and Applications, Vol.7  pp.125-130
Sett, R. K (2012) Urbanized young Indians: Are they goal oriented? A scale-validation study of the regulatory focus questionnaire in the Indian context  Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol.24 Issue.3 
Abdulla, M. S (2012) Multi-criteria decision making with overlapping criteria  IIMB Management Review, Vol.24 Issue.3 pp.137-142
Bahinipati, B. K., & Deshmukh, S. G (2012) A conceptual framework for lateral collaboration in semiconductor industry supply networks  International Journal of Management & Enterprise Development, Vol.12 Issue.2 pp.132-157
Gupta, M. A., Kumar, R., & Upadhyayula, R. S (2012) Success of a merger or acquisition - A consideration of influencing factors  International Journal of Management Practice, Vol.5 Issue.3 pp.270-286
Haleem, A., & Sebastian, M. P (2012) An energy conserving approach for data formatting and trusted data exchange in resource constrained networks  Knowledge and Information Systems, Vol.32 Issue.3 pp.559-587
Jharkharia, S (2012) Supply chain issues in mergers and acquisitions: A case from Indian aviation industry  International Journal of Aviation Management, Vol.1 Issue.4 pp.293-303
John, L., & Ramesh, A (2012) Humanitarian supply chain management in India: a SAP-LAP framework  Journal of Advances in Management Research, Vol.9 Issue.2 pp.217-235
Krishnan, O (2012) Economy, markets and consumption: A critical review  Crescent Journal of Business, Vol.2 Issue.1 pp.52-66
Krishnan, T. N (2012) An exploratory study on executive management education through technology mediated distance learning in India  Industrial & Commercial Training, Vol.44 Issue.7 pp.389-397
Kumar, M., Singh, S., Rai, H., & Bhattacharya, A (2012) Measuring humane orientation of organizations through social exchange and organizational identification facilitation and control of burnout and intent to quit  International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, Vol.15 Issue.4 pp.520-547
Kuntluru, S., Muppani, V. R., & Khan, M. A (2012) Foreign Direct Investment and export performance of pharmaceutical firms in India: An empirical approach  International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol.4 Issue.5 pp.216-226
Sushmita, A., Pati, R. K., & Vrat, P (2012) Research on management issues in the pharmaceutical industry: A literature review  International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, Vol.6 Issue.4 pp.351-375
Thangamani, G (2012) Generalized stochastic petrinets for reliability analysis of lube oil system with common-cause failures  American Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol.2 Issue.4 pp.152-158

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