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Krishnan, S., Teo, T. S. H., & Lim, V. K. G. (2013) Examining the relationships among e-government maturity, corruption, economic prosperity and environmental degradation: A cross-country analysis.  Information and Management, Vol.50 Issue.8 pp.638 - 649
Mukundhan, K. V., & Nandakumar, M.K. (2013) An isomorphism perspective to FDI-based entry mode strategies of emerging market firms ? a conceptual model  Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance, Vol.22 Issue.6-May pp.259-269
Nair, S. R. (2013) Making sense of persistently high inflation in India  Economic and Political Weekly, , Vol.48, Issue (42) Issue.42 pp.13-16
Krishnadas, N., R., & Pillai, R. R. (2013) A model for cost-benefit analysis of cloud computing.  Journal of International Technology and Information Management, Vol.22 Issue.3 pp.95-119
Kumar, D. S., Purani, K. & Sahadev, S (2013) Conceptualising visual servicescape aesthetics: An application of environmental psychology  The Marketing Review, Vol.13 Issue.4 pp.347-376
Ram Kumar, P. N., & Sivakumar, A.I. (2013) annealing based algorithm for the capacitated hub routing problem  International Journal of Services and Operations Management, , Vol.14 Issue.2 pp.221 ? 235
George, V., & Sebastian, M. P (2013) Secure and efficient scheme for remote poll station voting  International Journal of Electronic Government Research,, Vol.9 Issue.4 pp.75-91
George, V., & Sebastian, M. P. (2013) Remote internet voting: developing a secure and efficient frontend.  CSI Transactions on ICT, Vol.1 Issue.3 pp.231-241
Supriya, K. K. & Sebastian, M. P (2013) E- Governance readiness: Challenges for India.   IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review , Vol.2 Issue.1 pp.31-42
Bhattacharya, A., & Sensarma, R (2013) Non-linearities in emerging financial markets: Evidence from India.  IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review , Vol.2, Issue 2 Issue.2 pp.165-175
Saha, B., & Sensarma, R. (2013) State ownership, credit risk and bank competition: a mixed oligopoly approach.  Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies, Vol.6, Issue (1) Issue.1 pp.1-13
Sethi, D., & Sanchita, G. (2013) Netiquette: An exploratory study of actual usage and agreed upon norms in India.  Scholars World IRMJCR, Vol.1, Issue 3 Issue.3 pp.129
Sethi, D., & Seth, M. (2013) Do soft skills matter? Implications for educators based on recruiters perspective.   The IUP Journal of Soft Skills, Vol.7 Issue.1 
Sunitha. T., & Sreekumar M. G. (2013) Web-Scale discovery systems for efficient resource discovery of e-resources  . SALIS Journal of Library and Information Science, Vol.5 Issue.1 pp.55-68
Sreejaya, P., & Sreekumar, M. G. (2013) Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of a Digital Library: A Case Study of IIMK Digital Library  SALIS Journal of Information Management and Technology,, Vol.4 Issue.1 pp.42014
Assan, A., & Thomas, S (2013) Stock returns and trading volume: Does the size matter?   Investment Management and Financial Innovations Journal, , Vol.10, Issue (3) Issue.3 pp.76 -88
Kumar, R. M., Varaprasad, G., Sridharan, R. & Unnithan, A. B. (2013) An empirical study to identify the factors influencing the customer satisfaction of ATMs in India  International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences, Vol.4 Issue.4 pp.25-40
Balasubrahmanyam, S., Prasad, K., & Akhilesh, K. B (2013) The impact of firm's financial flexibility on its strategic renewal: Key concepts with evidential support from businesses across industries  Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, Vol.13 Issue.3 pp.165-175
Dey, S., & Nair, S. R (2013) State-level borrowing costs under deregulation - An Indian experience  Journal of Asia Business Studies, Vol.7 Issue.1 pp.68-83
Kuntluru, S., & Fatima, F (2013) Impact of board characteristics on firm performance of Indian companies  International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol.109  pp.175-186

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