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Sahadev, S., Seshanna, S., & Purani, K. (2014) Effects of Competitive Psychological Climate, Work-Family Conflict, Role Conflict on Customer Orientation: The Case of Call Center Employees in India  Journal of Indian Business Research, Vol.6 Issue.1 
Balooni, K., Gangopadhyay, K., & Kumar, B. M. (2014) Governance for private green spaces in a growing Indian city  Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol.123 Issue.21 pp.29
Gangopadhyay, K., & Sarkar, A. (2014) Private Investment in Education: Evidence across Castes and Religion from West Bengal  Economic & Political Weekly, Vol.49 Issue.13 pp.44???52
Purani, K., Sahadev, S. & Kumar, D. S. (2014) Globalization and Academic Research: The Case of Sustainability Marketing.   IIM Kozhikode Society and Management Review, Vol.3 Issue.1 pp.93-99
Ramanathan, J., & Purani, K. (2014) Brand Extension Evaluation: Real world and Virtual World.   Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol.23 Issue.7 pp.504-515
Sahadev,S., Seshanna,S., & Purani,K. (2014) Effects of competitive psychological climate, work-family conflict and role conflict on customer orientation: The case of call centre employees in India.   Journal of Indian Business Research, Vol.6 Issue.1 pp.70-84
Ramachandran, N., Sivaprakasam, P., Thangamani, G., & Anand, G. (2014) Selecting a suitable Cloud Computing technology deployment model for an academic Institute?a case study.   Campus-Wide Information Systems, Vol.31 Issue.5 pp.319-345
Ramnath, A. (2014) Indigenous Knowledge and Science in the Age of Globalization', IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review , Vol.3 Issue.1 pp.101-107
Agarwal, N., & Sebastian, M. P. (2014) Utility of clinical technology-processes for developing countries.  Clinical Governance , Vol.19 Issue.3 pp.253-268
Amaral, S., Bandyopadhyay, S., Bhattacharya, S. & Sensarma, R. (2014) Crime and conflict in India.   Economics of Peace and Security Journal, Vol.9 Issue.1 pp.46-56
Sethi, D. (2014) Nonverbal Communication in Doctor-Patient Interaction: An Exploratory Study of Three Major Cities of Kerala (India).  IIMS Journal of Management Science, Vol.5 Issue.1 pp.81-96
Sudhir, S. & Unnithan, A.B (2014) Measuring Consumer Motivations to Share Rumors: Scale Development.   International Journal of Online Marketing, Vol.4 Issue.3 pp.51-67
Karna, A., Upadhyayula, R.S., & Kumar,V. (2014) Strategic Archetypes of Emerging Market Multinationals: Analysis of Outward FDI of Indian Firms.  Advances in International Management, Vol.27  pp.325-347
Dhandapani, K., & Upadhyayula, R.S. (2014) Two paths to diversification: Performance implications of related diversification across two dimensions in professional service firms.  International Journal of Emerging Markets, Vol.10 Issue.1 pp.32-51
Venugopal A., & Krishnan T.N. (2014) TMT Behavioural Integration: Pathways to Eco-Innovation through Organizational Ambidexterity  IIM Indore Management Journal, Vol.6 Issue.1 pp.60-70
Balooni, K., Gangopadhyay, K., & Kumar, B. M (2014) Governance for private green spaces in a growing Indian city.   Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol.123  pp.21-29
Balooni, K., & Lund, J. F (2014) Forest rights: the hard currency of REDD+  Conservation Letters,, Vol.7 Issue.3 pp.278-284
Chowdhury, S., Mukherjee, A., & Chakraborti, S. (2014) A New distribution-free control chart for joint monitoring of unknown location and scale parameters of continuous distributions.   Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Vol.30 Issue.2 pp.191-204
Gangopadhyay, K., & Sarkar, A (2014) Private investment in education: evidence across castes and religion from West Bengal.   Economic & Political Weekly, Vol.49, Issue 13 Issue.13 pp.44-52
Anand, G, Arpita, c., & Gopalakrishnan, N. & Chowdhury, S. (2014) Business process re- engineer ing through lean thinking - A case study, A new three parameter distribution   Journal of Enterprise Transformation.   

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