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Frequently Asked Questions about EPGP@Kochi Campus

1. How do the career programmes of IIMK viz; PGP, EPGP, ePGP and e-specialization programmes compare?

The PGP is offered as a two-year full time residential programme and is targeted at graduates having good academic background with or without experience. The programme helps participants develop knowledge, skills and capabilities so as to advance their careers and to enter the middle level management positions.

EPGP is offered as a two year non-residential executive programme conducted in class rooms at IIMK Kochi Campus, for working executives with good experience. The programme is offered for those aspiring for middle / senior level management positions in organizations and fledging entrepreneurs who wish to take their firms to the next level. The programme is offered as a class room programme at IIMK Kochi campus. The learning experience is enriched by a diverse participant profile, regular class room enabled activities and peer to peer interactions outside the classroom. The programme design, class timings and course structure is developed keeping in mind the personal, professional and logistical challenges faced by such professionals.

ePGP is offered as a two year nonresidential executive programme for working executives in their mid-career or senior executive positions with significant work experience. The programme is offered on a technology platform through dedicated class rooms at various metros/ other cities in India. The learning experience is enriched by diverse participant profile coupled with a technology enabled class room discussions and interactions.

E-Specialization Programmes are offered as a one year nonresidential executive programme for senior executives with considerable experience and wishing to augment specific expertise in a functional discipline of management such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, Strategy, etc. The programme is offered through a technology enabled platform based class rooms at various metros/cities in India.

The following table briefly indicates the comparison of the programmes:

PGP EPGP at KochiePGPE_Specialisation
Duration 24 months 24 months 24 months 12 months
Residential / Non-residential Residential Non - Residential Non - Residential Non - Residential
Location Kozhikode Campus Kochi Campus Hughes classroom* Hughes classroom*
Class type Physical classroom Physical classroom Virtual interactive Classroom Virtual interactive Classroom
Class Flexibility Full time residential, Cannot Work Non residential, during evening and week ends Non residential, during evening and week ends Non residential, during evening and week ends
Target Participant profile Graduates with or without experience for entry middle level Managers or senior level executives with good management experience for middle level Managers or senior level executives with rich management experience for senior executives with considerable experience
Course Objective to develop young talent with adequate skills so as to enable them to gain entry into management level positions in corporates. to impart and upgrade managerial skills and insights in leadership for experienced professionals through class room interaction enabling them for middle/senior general management positions to impart and upgrade managerial skills and insights in leadership for experienced professionals through interactive live class rooms near to their location- enabling them for middle/senior general management positions to impart deeper functional level expertise for experienced professionals through interactive live class rooms near to their location..
Contact Hours 1070 700-740 720 225
Electives Available Available Available Not - Applicable
Diploma/Certificate PGDM Executive PGDM Executive PGDM Certificate
Placement Available Not Available Not Available Not Available

*Service provider may change

2. What is the name of qualification granted by all these programmes ?

a. PGP : PGDM,
c. ePGP : EPGDM,
d. e-Specialization : Certificate

3. What will be the title of final certificate issued on successful completion of the Programme?

The certificate will be titled “Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management” ( EPGDM)

4. How is the EPGP different from the PGP?

The course structure of EPGP is customized to the needs of the working executives. However, it borrows some of the major courses from the PGP / ePGP curricula. For example, courses such as Global Business, Leadership and Corporate Accountability are specific to EPGP programme and are not offered as compulsory courses to PGP. The courses are structured to address the requirements of working executives but at the same time save them from a full time commitment by way of a sabbatical or quit their current jobs. The programme is built on the premise that the participants can extend the classroom learning and insights for their professional and career advantage.

PGP is a fulltime resident program based in the Kozhikode campus where as EPGP is for those working professionals who are looking forward to pursue management education to advance in their profession by enhancing their skill sets and capabilities.

5. How is the ePGP different from the EPGP at Kochi Campus?

ePGP is offered through a satellite technology enabled interactive class room whereas EPGP at Kochi Campus is offered as a class room based program. The programme is meant for a similar target audience facing significantly different constraints in pursuing management education. ePGP classes could be attended through interactive technology enabled class room sessions near to their location at different cities across India. EPGP at Kochi Campus is conducted at class rooms at Kochi campus and hence is meant for those residing / employed in and around Kochi or could reach Kochi at least by overnight journey. The advantage of EPGP at Kochi is that it provides the participant with a full learning experience that any class room based education would provide without a residential commitment.

6. How does the programme typically compare with other residential programmes for working executives?

Assuming the fee is comparable, the salary forgone is the opportunity cost incurred in residential programmes. The advantage of EPGP at Kochi is that the participant need not take a break in their career while pursuing the programme. It allows them to be within their family and living environment. The uncertainty due to negative developments in the economy, business environment and general career market during the completion of the programme are avoided. A residential programme exposes executive participants to the risk of finding the right career track again once they complete the programme.

7. Where are the classes conducted?

The classes are conducted at the Kochi Campus of IIMK based in Infopark Kakkanad.

8. What are the cohorts available in EPGP at Kochi?

Batch Day Time
Evening Batch: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6:45 pm to 9:30 pm
Week end Batch: Saturday 4:00 pm to 9:45 pm

9. Why the cohort is scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays ?

The evening batch is ideally suited for working executives residing in and around Kochi. This is for those executives who can manage to spare their evening time for learning at our campus. For those participants, who are away and cannot reach us on a daily basis, the week-end cohort should be ideal. They could conveniently reach on Saturday by 4:00 PM and could leave after 4:00 PM on Sunday.

10. Is it possible to change between cohorts during the programme?

Normally change between cohorts is not allowed but may be allowed based on specific approval in each case considering professional / employment reasons.

11. What is the experience and profile of participants in the current batch?

Though the minimum requirement for application is three years after graduation, the current set of participants has a rich experience across diverse industries such as IT, Manufacturing, Banking, Hospitality, Agribusiness, Medicine, etc. The average experience for the current batch of participants is around 7 years.

12. Is there a residential / in-campus component integrated into the programme?

There will be in-campus modules conducted at IIM Kozhikode Campus and/or at IIMK Kochi campus. Unlike regular classes, the in-campus modules would have sessions during the day for working executives.

13. Are there accommodation facilities available at IIMK Kochi Campus?

IIMK Kochi Campus is a non-residential campus located in an IT SEZ where accommodation facility is not available. There are a few hotels and lot of single and group accommodation facilities available immediately outside the SEZ where the participant could get an accommodation. The same have to be arranged by the participants.

14. Does the program provide the participant with flexibility to take a break for work-related travel/stay outside the city/country or unforeseen emergencies?

The participant is allowed to temporarily withdraw from the programme on a case to case basis. This is subject to approval based on reasons relating to health, transfer, overseas assignment etc. The participants are expected to make a written application along with supporting documents to the programme chairperson.

The maximum period of break allowed will be one year at a time. As per this, the participant will be allowed to retain the credits of completed quarters and can join the same quarter with the next batch. They will be required to pay a rejoining fee applicable as well as a difference amount in fees, if any. All conditions as per the student hand book pertaining to rejoining batch will be applicable for the participant.

15. What are the requirements relating to class attendance?

There is a minimum attendance criterion of 75% for each course. In case a participant misses out any of the class sessions and under exception circumstances, participants are allowed to attend the class session with other batch subject to instructor approval, but no attendance will be marked for the same.

16. Does the program provide the participant with an opportunity to acquire international exposure?

As it stands now, there is no international exchange programme integrated into this programme.

17. Is there a placement assistance on successful completion of the programme?

EPGP at Kochi is meant for those executives in their middle / senior leadership positions wishing to augment their management expertise and leadership abilities. The programme is supposed to help working executives in their current work roles and career progression paths. Hence a formal placement assistance scheme is not part of this programme.

18. What are the specializations offered and how are they allotted?

The first year will comprise of compulsory courses only. In the second year there will be one compulsory course / project in each quarter. Other courses have to be opted by the participant from a bouquet of elective courses offered across various functional areas like Marketing, Finance, HRM, Operations Management, Economics, Strategy and Humanities and Liberal Arts. This will be done usually towards the end of the first year.

19. Who conducts classes at Kochi?

The classes will be conducted by faculty of IIM Kozhikode. There could also be some guest / adjunct faculty as well as speakers of repute from the industry.

20. Is this Programme considered equivalent to MBA?

In India an MBA is usually granted by universities which administer a course curriculum through affiliated colleges, institution or otherwise and issue a certificate on passing the stipulated examination as per the curriculum. IIM’s and IIT’s are premier autonomous institutions of excellence established by the Government of India. They will design and deliver high end programmes for participants selected through a rigorous process. The content and coverage of such courses may exceed the typical curriculum of a university MBA. A post graduate diploma will be issued on successful completion of the two year course. The programme is one of the few evening or weekend programmes accredited by AMBA as an MBA. AMBA is an international body that benchmarks, accredits and evaluate quality of such programmes.

21. Is it possible to apply for Ph.D after successful completion of the Programme ?

The eligibility norms for Ph.D are decided by respective universities and may vary. There may be Universities/Institutions that consider executive Post Graduate Diploma as eligibility to apply for PhD.

22. Will the participant be given the Alumni status on successful completion of the programme ?

The participants are considered bonafide students of IIM Kozhikode and will enjoy similar privileges including alumni status.

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