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(eyes of a student)

The unending sea of green, the clear blue skies, the subtle breeze and the persistent drops of rain - people would call this the formula for a 'perfect holiday'. To me, it was my first expression of IIMK. As any other normal student, the idea of being part of a B-school always intrigued me and when I finally entered into the premises of IIMK it was certainly a dream come true. No wonder, they call it God's own Kampus - where dreams shape into reality.

There were various pre conceived notions of a Management school which proved to be true over the past month and a half. The feeling of insomnia, the emphasis on 'business casuals', the 'sacrosanct' deadlines which read 11:59:59 and redefined weeknights - Life here, has been a revelation.

I would have never gotten up at 5am in the morning with utmost enthusiasm just in order to get to the beach in time and catch the rising sun. I would have never spent nights in the library trying to compile assignments which I couldn't even comprehend. I would have never been so thrilled on getting a slice of a pizza from Dominos had it not been for IIMK. The word 'hangout' took a new meaning altogether when 'HO' was discovered - a place where deadlines did not apply, where assignments are forgotten and where the food is worthy of appreciation. I might sound rather trivial in my outlook but then IIMK has taught me to take pleasure in the small luxuries that life strews in our path.

Studying in a management school does come with its huge basket of benefits. The vastly experienced faculty, the diverse and highly interactive pool of students and the various Interest groups and committees is what makes IIMK stand its ground as a brand in its own. These are the factors on which my expectations from this institute were nurtured. As a part of this institute I do expect to see myself as a fully groomed corporate individual with adequate knowledge in the field I wish to make a career in, by the time I am done with my course. This might appear as a stereotyped statement but then as a fresher, just out of graduate school, maturity becomes an essential component.

Expectations tend to shape up in due course of time and singling them out now would be a folly. What comes to mind on thinking about this is a quote by Ralph Marston which goes like this:

"Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality."

Nikhil Daga

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