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Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources


PhD from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Research Areas
Broadly speaking, I am interested in understanding institutional change, with particular emphasis on the process of identity changes at the institutional level. My primary research domain is in the management of technological innovations, with conceptual underpinnings in institutional theory. My present research focus is on institutional changes in universities that impact on their identities and governance systems, university-industry linkages, technology commercialization, academic entrepreneurship and their contribution to the evolution of knowledge clusters.

Recent Consulting / Other Assignments
Arbitron India

HLL LifeCare Limited, Trivandrum

Kudumbashree - State Poverty Eradication Mission, Government of Kerala, Trivandrum

Comtrust Charitable Eye Hospital, Kozhikode


Academic Positions
Past chair of Fellow (doctoral) Program in Management

Past chair of Management & Faculty Development Programs

Significant Publications
Chatterjee, D. & Krishnan T.N. 2017. Consulting at Indian Hygiene Products Limited: Entry and Contracting. In Donald L. Anderson (Ed.) Cases and Exercises in Organization Development & Change (2nd Ed.). SAGE Publications, Inc

Chatterjee, D. 2016. Selling science through university entrepreneurship: Debates and implications for emerging economies. In Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch & Gianluigi Mangia (Eds.) Dark Sides of Business and Higher Education Management. NY: Business Expert Press LLC. Principles of Responsible Management Education Collection.

Vakkayil, J. & Chatterjee, D. 2016. Globalization routes: The pursuit of conformity and distinctiveness by top business schools in India. Management Learning. Online version published on December 19, 2016 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/1350507616679347

Chatterjee, D., & Sankaran, B. 2015. Commercializing academic research in emerging economies: Do organizational identities matter? Science and Public Policy, 42(5), 599–613. http://doi.org/10.1093/scipol/scu076

Chatterjee, D. & Sreevas, S. 2014. Trends in innovation management research in India - An analysis of publications for the period 1991-2013. Current Science. 107 (11): 1800-1805

Chatterjee, D., Krishnan, T N, & Tandon, A. 2015. Sustaining A Social Enterprise: Palash Eye Hospital, Asian Case Research Journal. 19 (2): 231–258

Gebert, D., Boerner, S. & Chatterjee D. 2012. Wenn sich die Parteien grundsätzlich unterscheiden und Konflikte eskalieren – Eine Fallstudie zum Change Management in Schulen Süd-Indiens. in L.von Rosenstiel, E.von Hornstein, S.Augustin (Ed.) Change Management Praxisfälle: Veränderungsschwerpunkte Organisation, Team, Individuum: Veränderungsschwerpunkte Organisation, Team, Individum. Berlin Heidelberg, Springer-Verlag, pages 397-412

Chatterjee, D. 2012. Innovativeness: A team knowledge and communication perspective. International Journal of Innovation and Learning, 12 (3): 229 – 246

Gebert, D., Boerner, S. & Chatterjee, D. 2011.Do Religious Differences Matter? An Analysis in India, Team Performance Management, 17 (3/4): 224-240

Gebert, D., Boerner, S. & Chatterjee D. 2011. Diversity - diskutieren oder tabuisieren? Eine explorative Studie in Indien (English translation - Diversity - discuss or taboo? An exploratory study in India). Zeitschrift für Management (Springer), 6 (3): 287-314

Chattopadhyay, D. & Srivastava, B.N. 2007. The concept of newness. International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy. 2 (3): 240 - 245


Conferences, Seminars & Talks
Chatterjee, D. 2016. Bridging institutional voids in innovation for emerging Asian economies: The institutional entrepreneurship of University Research Centers. Paper presented at DRUID-Asia, Coorganized by DRUID, NUS Business School and SMU - Lee Kong Chian School of Business. Singapore, February 23-25, 2016

Chatterjee, D. & Sreevas, S. 2014. Trends in innovation management research in four Asian countries - An analysis of publications for the period 1991-2013. paper presented at the PAN-IIM conference, Kozhikode, November 5-8, 2014

Leisyte, L. & Chatterjee, D. 2014. Organizational responses to vertically nested institutional logics A study of two universities from Dutch and Indian research systems. Paper presented at the 30th EGOS Colloquium, Rotterdam Sub-theme 60: Rethinking Responses to Institutional Complexity, Rotterdam, July 3-5, 2014

Chatterjee, D. & Balram S. 2013. Contextualizing the Triple Helix framework for emerging economies: An investigation of the role of university identities. Paper presented at the Triple Helix XI Conference, London, 8th – 10th July 2013

Chatterjee, D. 2012. University isomorphism, globalization of western science and the prospects of local knowledge systems. Paper presented in Sub-theme on “The Glocalization of Organizational Design and Managerial Practice” at the EGOS Colloquium, Helsinki, July 5th 7th, 2012

Chatterjee, D. 2011. A model of research productivity of universities. Paper presented at the 4th International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation, Madrid, 14-16th November 2011

Chatterjee, D. 2010. Beyond Daring: Identities, conflicts and structures in care-giving organizations. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Montreal, 6th -10th August, 2010

Chatterjee, D. & Srivastava, B.N. 2009. “Innovativeness” of technological innovations: A knowledge and team process perspective. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago, 7th – 11th August, 2009


Working Papers
1.   Innovativeness of Product Innovation Teams Exploring the Intervening Effects of Knowledge Processes
Debabrata Chatterjee    (2009)    Abstract

2.   University Isomorphism, Globalization of Western Science and the prospects of local Knowledge Systems
Debabrata Chatterjee    (2012)    Abstract

3.   An investigation of the role of university identities on the subject and mode of their research
Debabrata Chatterjee    (2013)    Abstract

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