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Associate Professor

Marketing Management


PhD in International Management, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

MSc in Education (Higher Education), University of Oxford, UK

MBA in International Business, Temple University, USA

BSc in Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Research Areas
Adoption of ecommerce across various sectors in the Indian economy and its impact on Indian society

Role of social proof on online consumer behaviour and its impact on online sales

The role of brand building in the success of ecommerce startups in India

Role of eWOM on online consumer behaviour


Academic Positions
Visiting Assistant Professor, IIM Kozhikode

Visiting Assistant Professor, KAIST, South Korea

Other Professional Appointments
Managing Editor of IIMK Society & Management Review

Chairperson of IIMK Kochi Campus Digital Activities Oversight Committee

Member of IIMK Research Committee


Significant Publications
Naveen Amblee , Rahat Ullah & Wonjoon Kim (2017) Do product reviews really reduce search costs?, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 27:3, 199-217

Amblee, Naveen. "The impact of eWOM density on sales of travel insurance." Annals of Tourism Research 56 (2016): 137-140.

Ullah, Rahat, Naveen Amblee, Wonjoon Kim, and Hyunjong Lee. "From valence to emotions: Exploring the distribution of emotions in online product reviews." Decision Support Systems 81 (2016): 41-53.

Amblee, Naveen. "The Impact of Cleanliness on Customer Perceptions of Security in Hostels: A WOM-based approach". International Journal of Hospitality Management. Forthcoming 2015.

Yang, Joonhyuk, et al. "The Heterogeneous Effect of WOM on Product Sales: Why the Effect of WOM Valence is Mixed?." European Journal of Marketing 46.11/12 (2012): 4-4.

Amblee, Naveen, and Tung Bui. "Harnessing the influence of social proof in online shopping: The effect of electronic word of mouth on sales of digital microproducts." International Journal of Electronic Commerce 16.2 (2011): 91-114.

Amblee, Naveen, and Tung Bui. "Can brand reputation improve the odds of being reviewed on-line?." International Journal of Electronic Commerce 12.3 (2008): 11-28.


Working Papers
1.   Analysis of the Impact of Online Product Reviews on Temporal and Cognitive Search Costs: An Eye-Tracking Approach
Naveen C. Amblee    (2014)    Abstract

2.   Do emotions matter? Exploring the distribution of emotions in online product reviews
Rahat Ullah, Wonjoon Kim, Naveen C. Amblee, Hyunjong Lee & Alice Oh    (2014)    Abstract

3.   Value Proposition and Social Proof in Online Deals: How to Predict Sales and Pick Winners on Groupon
Naveen C. Amblee & Tung X. Bui    (2014)    Abstract

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