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Ongoing Consultancy Projects
Programme Details  
1. Performance Benchmarking & Organisational Design for Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai
Facilitator(s) : Prof. Saji Gopinath, Prof. Raju C, Prof. Manish Kumar, Prof. S Subramanian
Programme Coordinator- Prof. Saji Gopinath

Date: Jun-2014

2. Business Consulting - Marketing & Sales for KCM Appliances Pvt. Ltd. (Brands Impex & Onix)
Facilitator(s) : Prof. Keyoor Purani

Date: Mar-2014

3. Challenges and opportunities of the direct selling industry: Kerala Experience and Lessons
Facilitator(s) : Prof. Deepak Dhayanithy, Prof. Mohammed Shahid Abdulla

Date: Dec-2013

4. Curriculum and Teaching Methods
Facilitator(s) : Prof. A.F. Mathew

Date: Nov-2013

5. Performance Analysis of Kerala CM Call center and recommendations for further improvement
Facilitator(s) : Prof. Deepak Dhayanithy, Prof. Mohammed Shahid Abdulla
Programme Coordinator- Prof. Deepak Dhayanithy

Date: Oct-2013

6. Study of Money Transfer Services and Market Analysis
Facilitator(s) : Prof. Keyoor Purani, Prof. Anandakuttan B Unnithan

Date: Sep-2013

7. Enhancing service quality and organisational effectiveness in Kerala State electricity Board.
Facilitator(s) : Prof. Saji Gopinath, Prof. Unnikrishnan K Nair, Prof. Keyoor Purani, Prof. Joffi Thomas, Prof. Manoranjan Dhal, Prof. Manish Kumar, Prof. Surya Prakash Pati

Date: Jul-2013

8. Developing the HR Systems for Peekay Steel Ltd., Kozhikode
Facilitator(s) : Prof. Manoranjan Dhal, Prof. Surya Prakash Pati

Date: Jun-2013

9. Infrastructure for export growth in southern states of India
Facilitator(s) : Prof. Sthanu R Nair, Prof. Kausik Gangopadhyay, Prof. Rudra Sensarma

Date: Feb-2013

10. The Impact Assessment of Cardamom Futures Trading at Micro & Meso levels
Facilitator(s) : Prof. Saji Gopinath, Prof. Abhilash S. Nair

Date: Dec-2012

11. Strategic Human Resource Planning for Goa Shipyard Limited
Facilitator(s) : Prof. T. N. Krishnan

Date: Oct-2012

12. Study of HLL Lifecare Limited to suggest improvements in the performance management system
Facilitator(s) : Prof. T. N. Krishnan, Prof. Debabrata Chatterjee

Date: Aug-2012


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