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A judicious mix of different teaching methods, evolved using feed-backs from students and other programme participants, is employed at the institute. The emphasis is on learning processes and learning outcomes for enhancement of managerial competencies.

Case Studies

Problem solving and analytical skills are honed through case studies, which are part of the pedagogy in most of the courses.

Summer Internship

The programme also provides direct student links with industry and enhancement of application skills through projects undertaken for industry. The summer projects of 8 to 10 weeks duration are done at the end of the first academic year.

Once at the project location, the students learn direct application of various concepts imbibed during the first year of formal studies, and learn to appreciate organization-specific complexities and implementation problems and bottlenecks.

The project work executed by the deputed IIMK students have been highly appreciated by the industry leadership, resulting in ‘best project’ awards presented to them in several instances.


In the second year, students select subjects in their area of interest, and have an option of dual specialization. Electives are offered in various verticals. Multidisciplinary courses offering state of the art analysis such as 'Enterprise Resource Planning' and 'Business Process Re-engineering' are also available for the taking.

Typically, choices are made from at least two streams so as to major in two areas, thus obtaining a 'dual' specialization.

Continuous Revision

The management development programmes offered by the institute provides a link for updating the PGP curriculum so that the students are equipped with the necessary skills to respond to the changing challenges posed by business and industry.


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