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Programme Structure

FPM at IIMK has two phases: course work and thesis research. The first phase covers the first two years which includes course work (Core Courses and Elective/ Doctoral level Courses), a summer research project at the end of the first academic year followed by a second academic year of in-depth courses in area of specialization, courses of independent study and seminar, term papers. Successful completion of the first phase requires passing the Area Comprehensive Qualifying Examination (CQE) to proceed to the second phase of programme. In the second phase participants undertake thesis research work with a faculty Research Advisory Committee (RAC).The overall objectives of the first two years include:

  • Introduce and provide theoretical foundations in the diverse disciplines and inter-disciplinary areas of management
  • Provide exposure to basic research tools relevant to the different areas of specialization
  • Inculcate research interest by introducing participants to the research process
  • The methods followed to achieve these objectives is to have an appropriate combination of courses and involvement in research.

  • Deepen Area-related theoretical knowledge of models, frameworks and methodologies
  • Build significant capability in research process in the Core Area
  • Provide actual research experience

The methods followed to achieve the objectives are to have an appropriate combination of courses and involvement in research. The Core and Elective Courses taken in the second year are expected to include adequate courses directed at building strong conceptual foundations in the Area of Specialization, enhancing their knowledge of relevant research tools, and enabling further specialization.

Area Comprehensive Qualifying Examination (CQE): Subject to having met the passing requirements for the second year, a student is eligible to appear for CQE. A general structure adopted includes a written examination that assesses the student’s conceptual and methodological capability, and ability to perform independent research in his/her area of interest. An oral component (presentation/panel) to check for participant skill to present ideas cogently to an audience displaying communication and presentation skills.

  • Third Year: Formation of the RAC is the priority during the third year. The RAC monitors the progress of the student thereafter and ensures that there is no significant deviation from important programme guidelines and milestones. Once the RAC is formed, the participant should submit a term-wise plan, approved by the RAC, to the FPM Office. The student also begins work on preparing the dissertation research proposal. The student should also strive for presenting a paper at an international conference.

  • Fourth Year: Participants need to submit thesis and should have definitely presented a paper in a conference by the fourth year. By the fourth year, significant progress (completion of data collection and analysis) towards the completion of dissertation should have been made. Participants submit a term-wise plan, approved by the RAC, to the FPM Office at the beginning of the year. The RAC closely monitors progress as per plan.

  • Fifth Year: The student is expected to have the first draft of final defensible thesis submitted to the RAC. The quality of the first draft be of a sufficient level such that feedback from the RAC can be incorporated by the student to prepare the final, examiner-ready draft of the dissertation. The student should endeavor to successfully defend the dissertation in order to be considered for the convocation in the academic year.

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