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About Executive Post Graduate Programme


The executive education programme is the perfect option for the working professionals & executives to enrich their skills and strategies to take their organizations to the next level around work.

In the year 2001, IIMK conceived a new model of management education for working executives. Executive Management Education Programme (EMEP) marked the beginning of IIMK’s Executive Education activities and IIMK pioneered management education through a synchronous interactive learning mode in the Asia Pacific region. Participants have the flexibility to choose the class room centres based on their city of residence /work.

A world of opportunities is available for working professionals & executives to meet their career objective through variety of programmes .Executive education programme offers a Two year diploma programme in management and one year certification programmes in General Management, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Strategy, IT and Human Resources which supports the working professionals & executives to enrich their knowledge in area of expertise.

Executive Education programmes are commenced though an Interactive Leaning platform where participants can attend the classes from the class room centres at their locations, through

Interactive Learning (IL) Module

The IL component forms the core of EPGP. Instructors from IIMK Studios facilitate learning through two- way audio/video synchronous telecommunication mode. Classes are scheduled on week days in the evening and weekends.

This Programme is currently offered through the technology platform of HUGHES Global Education. The technology allows the Instructor to use power point presentations, video, audio, white boards and telestrators to effectively communicate ideas and interact with the participants.

In-Campus Modules

The In-Campus Programmes are conducted at the IIMK campus & all participants to attend the in-campus mandatorily. Two year programme has three in campus module & One Year specialization programmes have one in-campus module.

The in-campus programme of six days each provides participants an orientation towards case based learning, foundation to analytical thinking and orients them to the learning culture of IIMK apart from discussions on contemporary issues in management practice and trends in the industry and business

Functional Workshops

For the two year EPGP programme four compulsory functional workshops, one each, on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Research Methods & Consulting, and Integrative Capstone Business Simulation will be delivered either during the In-Campus module(s) or over platform as a part of the course in the second year. The successful completion of these modules is essential to be eligible for the Diploma.

Consultancy & Business Plan

Instructors choose from multiple pedagogical tools including lecture-discussions, case study method, behavioural and computer-based simulations, projects, class presentations, and various forms of technology-based learning such as multi-media case analysis, video conferencing, and e-learning, to facilitate effective learning in their courses.

Capstone Business Simulation Game

Capstone business simulation game is a complex tool designed to teach the competitive analysis, strategy, financial aspects, cross-functional alignment and the selection of plans to build a thriving & result oriented company .This provides participants to have an opportunity to adopt new strategies & implement new strategies.

Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation

Blue ocean strategy simulation is a significant platform for participants how to offer value proposition to customers, value innovation, how to create uncontested market frontier, how to reach beyond existing demands etc.

Apart from the above workshops, there will be various other course specific workshops during the programme.



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